Oh-No, I think I've just bought the wrong burner

im in the uk (no freezing smilies available) :). seen some falcons for sale in the uk, will buy some of them on monday.

Freezing smiles? :eek:

Yikes! What’s it like over there?

the time is 17:11 and its 9 degress c , rather dark and wet outside. still could be worse :slight_smile:

13 C here. And yes it could and will be Much worse :wink:

And one enclosure to avoid.

im thinking about buying a LiteOn eHBU212

That should allow you to do quality scans. The 212 is also the worst burner that I own, unfortunately. But even it can’t give a “bad” burn on a Falcon or Panasonic. If the price is right, worth a go :).

well ive bought an liteon ehbu312 new for £70, should be ok for scanning. got a pioneer 207ebk for writing the discs. did buy a pcie usb3.0 card, hope it plays nice with the on board usb3.0 ports.