Oh my, look at this CD quality scan from a Pioneer BDR-S03J!

The Pioneer BDR-S03J Blu-ray burner appears to be a fantastic CD-R burner as well. Check out this quality scan from a disc it burned:

Pay attention to the level of jitter, or lack thereof! I don’t know of many drives that can burn with such a low level of jitter, and that is usually the deciding factor in whether the disc will play in old CD players or not. The BDR-S03J was running the newly released 1.1 firmware and the disc burned at 16x.

This may be kind of old school, but still good information. Hopefully I’m not too far out of the loop regarding what is and isn’t a high quality CD burn.

Not bad. :slight_smile:
You may scan the disc at higher speeds, not at 8x. I personally use 40x as scanning speed on my Benq 1650. And you should also try the Advanced Disc Quality feature, since the standard scan does not reveal all C2 errors.


Yep, that’s a very nice scan. :iagree:

You can get more detailed information by using the Advanced Disc Quality scan tab BTW, e.g. such as all the Exy errors reported separately; especially E22 is useful.

There are also some DVD burners that will burn Taiyo Yuden and some other good quality CD-R media with approx. 7% jitter as measured by BenQ drives as scanners.