Oh ffs when

ohh ffs when will the NEC 1300A come out, komplett said it’d be out 30/4 they now say 30/5

will this drive ever come or is it just a crack pipe dream?

i want a dual drive but at £240 (or less/more) for a sony i can’t afford it and so may go with a single + or a - drive.


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

As you, I´ve been in waiting. Yesterday I gave up and ordered a LG GMA-4020B instead of a Sony Dru500 or Nec1300.
I have a feeling that i will not use 4X burning as the prices of that media is still to high.
And for me “-” format is more important than “+”.
And when media prices have dropped I´m sure there is some new flashy burner that I want.

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