Oh dear oh dear :-( PX716 problem - suggestions?



Its my own stupid fault, but I never thought to test to see if me new PX-716A would actually work with CD’s. I just assumed it would. Not an unreasonable assumption, is it.

But, today - after owning the drive for 6 weeks - I put in my first CD. To my surprise, the drive couldn’t recognise it at all. So I tried another one. And another. And another. And a CD-R. And another. And another. And another.

So I do the Plextor diagnostic test (with the jumpers etc.) And the drive just doesn’t “see” CD’s or CD-R’s of any type. :frowning:

So now what do I do? If I RMA the drive, Plextor Europe will probably send me some knackered old “refurb” junk. I might end up with a drive that’s really crap at writing DVD’s. At least my drive writes DVD’s OK. Its a TLA #0304 and its fine with DVD’s. What if I get some old crap back that’s worse than my drive is now?

I don’t have the packaging any more and the drive is 6 weeks old, so its outside their DOA terms. I am so pissed off.

The thing is, I don’t really need to read or burn CD’s. I have a Plextor Premium that does that just fine.

But it really sticks in the craw to pay £75 for a DVD writer that won’t read a single CD.

What should I do? Opinions?


Chip :frowning:


RMA…Europe is fine with RMAing, it’s the US that sucks…


Well, what’s the difference between the crap you’re having and the crap you might get? Well, it might be a working drive … Your own choice …


Have you updated your firmware? Have you installed or updated your ASPI layer software (downloadable from adaptec.com)? See if that does’nt help. Also if you have an earlier nForce based mobo, uninstall the nForce IDE driver and use the one that’s included in Win XP.



I read here that in the EU, you can email or call Plextor and they will send you the replacement drive without having you send the “defective” one. Does that sounds good? :smiley:


not only that, but they’ll arrange for DHL to pick up and drop off at your door (if they do require you to turn in your old drive).


I apologize for my english…
I’have had the same problem, in the biginning. No CD info. It solved in this way:
I verified the info of a DVD.
I opened the drive and introduced a CD.
And it worked, for the first time… and it works since then.
You can try. Perhaps…


@ zevia, drpino
Agree with you, I can confirm this.
Plextor europe has a very good and fast service.


Considering the 716 has only been out for a few months in the EU, I highly doubt a replacement unit will be all that “old”. Furthermore, a replacement refurb that works is highly preferable to a “new” one that doesn’t.

RMA this drive. If the replacement isn’t up to specs, RMA it again. Considering Plex pays for shipping in both directions, you have literally nothing to lose.


:slight_smile: Right, especially if it is a TLA #0305 :slight_smile: pleasedaspunch


Edit: After the first few hours of testing, this drive is completely different from what I had before. Silent, simply doing its job, with relatively good scans even on medium- and low-quality media.


Well thanks everyone for encouraging me to do the right thing. My replacement PX716 arrived from Belgium today and its a brand new 0306 April 2005 drive :slight_smile:

Now lets plug her in and see how we get on with this one. I’ll let you know.

Cheers all



Man you really have to give thumbs up for Plextor Europe RMA service.


Yeah you can’t fault them for trying. But the new drive isn’t exactly brilliant :frowning:

Here’s Taiyo Yuden 02 burned at 12x:

Not “perfect” is it.

This is really good quality media. The old drive burned this media with far lower PI error rates than this.

Still, Plextor did let me keep the old drive, so at least I have 2 drives now. Both of them crap, but at least I have 2 of them.

(I can feel a Benq coming on!)



what’s it look like @ 8X?


I would recommend to reduce the scanning speed, here an example of the same disc written @8x:
1st scanned @8x
2nd scanned @2x (also includes Beta and Jitter)


And here with linear scale:


My scan was at 1x. How low would you like me to go ???!? :wink:



@ chippy 99
I had a similar problem like you, i got my 3rd 716 a tla 0306 too, few days ago
and i’ve the feeling my both 716’s tla0203 are slightly better with the YudenT02
medias. But do you’ve maybe another batch of this media, to check them?


I do. I will try one from the other spindle. In the meantime, here’s a burn of the same media at 8x:

I guess that’s really not bad at all. Quite good in fact. It looks like my drive just doesn’t like overspeeding the media, but at stock speed its OK.