Oh boy...think I killed my LiteOn 811s

:frowning: I got this drive last week and was never really thrilled with it. Seemed to be very picky about the type of media it uses, unlike my Pioneer DVR-A06 which has worked with everything I’ve thrown at it. I figure since the new firmware was out with the supposed media updates I’d give it a try. Downloaded mtkflash and the new official firmware, and gave it a shot. Everything appeared to be successful. That is, until I rebooted. No drive, no power, no working eject button, nothing. The BIOS doesn’t recognize the drive and of course neither does WinXP. I can’t even eject the tray! Rebooted with my boot floppy, trying flashing again, got the same successfully messages during the flash but still no go.

Any ideas? Would trying to flash the version of the firmware that was installed on the drive when I received it work? Like an idiot, I figured there wouldn’t be any reason to backup the current firmware so I skipped that step.

Anyone have any ideas?

Tom :confused:

Good question. When I update I try to use the official windows EXE unless I’m using a reworked one on something. If the drives completely dead I don’t think your going to have any luck. It’s got to be recognised and all that to have a shot at redoing it. I believe some of the flash tools are designed to recover one as long as it can get power and like that. Maybe DHC014 or somebody will see this with some better ideas and you might want to check out his site and his links to see what might help. His firmware page and site has a lot of specific things for LiteOns.

Hmm strange I was about to post a link to the MTKFlash guide but no eject or power? Odd…

mtkflash and the new official firmware

Um, MTKFlash doesn’t work with the official LiteOn FW .exe file. Did you try to flash the LiteOn .exe file using MTKFlash?