Several weeks ago something/ some part of my OS became corrupt and my computer would not reboot, no even after an attempt to “Repair” the OS installation with the original Win-pro-64 installation disc.

This forced a switch to one of my clones unfortunately this lead to my actual problem…

The exact clone I switched to seems to have not had a working copy if Intel Rapid Store…

Does anyone see where this is heading yet?

If not I’ll explain further…

For the first two weeks I had no issues…
Other than the ones that seem to have caused the first problem with the SSD which I resolved (a cable issue)

Then I started getting warnings that files on my F: drive were unreadable
(my F: is a 3tb WD-blue) and when rebooting the computer claimed that the disc was unreadable and had to run Checkdisc… It seems that this operation caused most of the file damage

Basically it trashed my TV program archive, not all of it unrecoverable, but…

Note to self: do not let checkdisk run under ANY circumstances.
Note 2 be prepared to reach for the power switch, because the “any key” you have to strike to abort doesn’t work if you are using a USB-WIRELESS keyboard

What makes this all worse is that my backup seems to be corrupted as well, because a GPT-NTFS 3tb volume doesn’t work without Rapid Store

What I’ve lost?

More than I care to discuss.

but suffice it to say… that I had most of the HBO series (Complete Series) from “The Sopranos” through “Boardwalk Empire” & “Game of Thrones”


Hi Allan , I don’t know what I could do to help but you have my sympathy .

I don’t ever remember a computer telling me it “[B]had[/B] to run Checkdisc” .

I’ve ran chkdsk from a command window on purpose . Not very often .
No ill effects I could tell.


It tells you that the drive has errors and it has to run it at start-up then there’s a long bunch of gyrations…

Of course the file properties being unreadable helps to scramble things…

I’m still coming to grips thinking on everything I have lost…
the tragedy is it was all “Backed up” and the backup was destroyed as well…

I had ALL the episodes of South Park including episodes #200 & #201 (the “Banned” ones)


I know you are almost compulsive about having cloned drives as backups.
From discussions we’ve had about music storage & cloning an OS drive too.
Surprising that you could have such bad luck.

If it was someone less knowledgeable I would suggest trying “recovery” software but I’m sure you have already tried what you have.

I know you like to clone a drive & it’s too late to help this time .
Maybe some image type backups would be a good idea with Acronis TI or a similar software. Just for redundancy .

Is there a way you could clone the 3tb WD-blue that is missing Intel Rapid Storage & install it ? Not saying that would work but might be worth a try.

Maybe you could get a “forensic” level harddrive recovery software ?

The lesson I’ve came away with from your situation is turn off USB drives when rebooting.


Rapid Store is essentially installed “Driver software” and only has to be installed on your OS drive, but it does not work on all systems.

Nor will it install reliably on systems that don’t have hardware that requires it.

You can tell a lot about a system by simply connecting a “raw” hard drive large enough to require rapid store and see what happens…

Typically the system will see a 3tb drive as a single volume of <1tb.

of course Disc Management will prompt you to initialize the drive

I had an absolute bitch of a time formatting my first 3tb drive…
at the time there were no previous discussions about the problems with large volumes… or the requirement for Intel Rapid store.

As for my external drives I have both eSATA externals as well as USB externals, though I must say putting a large external drive other than an eSATA or USB3.0
makes it slower than continental drift.

And as for doint long backup writes the larger the write the greater the speed advantage of eSATA over USB3.0.

While I had audio backed up on both of those 3.0 drives (and I lost it all) it was
original ripped wav files and stuff I received as .flac the mp3 libraries I have were stored elsewhere (on a mirrored pair of WD750gb “Black” drives) as well as on several eSATA portables.

As I discovered long ago when bad-stuff happens you cannot have too many backups.

My music collection is my most backed up as I have that collection backed up
at least 8 times, not counting the additional copies on my three laptops.

But I had not given my television that level or redundancy, and I’ve got only about 20% of it on purchased DVD and was planning to eventually buy it all on pressed DVD.

My movie library is safe as is my library of 1018 separate full length concerts…


The Drives that got corrupted were internals… My USB drives (externals) are all safe…