Oh... and how's cdholland doing now?



So what's the deal with http://www.cdholland.nl right now? The mailman was stealing their money or something? Is it safe to order there now?


Perhaps, if you order under rembours but this is a loss of 20NLG, with what you can buy some more titles but with cdholland, i ordered once, but i ain’t gonna order twice, you can trust my word


Postmen stealing money… hey go on dreaming! If they do that if the mail is registered or goes to a business PO box they will get fired.

But ah believe what you want to believe…

The Replicator


For the 2nd time: it’s not the MAILMAN that stealt the money. I already complained to the ptt authorities.

It’s somehwere where they collect all mail and sort it out. That is where the money got stolen. I have many satisfied customers that like ordering with rembours.


Sorry bout the writing… guess I typed to fast


The mailman is a rich man there. He is delevering his mail in a ferarie.


The mailman doesn’t steal…
Don’t forget that before the mailman gets the mail it takes trough a long way with a lot of ppl.

And about cdholland…
If someone is good its cdholland.

trust me, he’s cool