.ogm and TMPGenc

Hello everyone,

First of all, I’m must admit that I’m both a newbie on this forum and at all this encoding stuff. So I honestly hope I don’t post something that have already been answered somewhere else.

Second, allow me to congratulate all of you for your tutorials like ‘conversion from .avi to VCD’ and the various answers of several peoples on this board which all have been really helpful to me.

Yet I don’t know is it’s possible to convert .OGM with TMPGenc and if yes, how.

Thanks by advance and kind regards

NB : Sorry for any mistake I’ve done, english isn’t my mother tongue.

Yes, same as an AVI, just open it.

Should point out that I am using corevorbis v1.0b6 for the audio decoding, seem to recall that when using Tobias’ splitter/decoder it did not work so if TMPGEnc won’t accept it as a source, then that could be why.