OGG Vorbis and CD-DA

MP3 is getting old. Think it was developed in 1989, the original codec.

Anyways, OGG Vorbis sounds better to me. I would love to be able to rip my original Audio CDs to OGG and be able to put them into a mix CD on-the-fly.

As it stands now, only MP3, WMA and WAV can be written to CD on-the-fly w/ Nero.

I found two programs that can write to OGG on-the-fly, but neither of them actually worked. One would hang when it tried to initialize the CD-RW drive and the other just flat-out crashed on load.

So, does anybody know of any program that can write to CD as Audio CDs from OGG files on-the-fly?

I’d hate to only be able to record to CD-DA from OGG with going through a WAVE file inbetween. I remember doing that for MP3s.

Since you didn’t tell us the two programs you’ve already tried, we may give you the same two programs that didn’t work for you.:slight_smile:

BlindWrite Suite, CopyToCD, Ashampoo BurnYa! AudioCD, and Ashampoo AudioCD BurnIt! Add-On (for the free Ashampoo Media Player+) can all burn Ogg Voribis files to CDR.

As far as creating WAV files first, all on the fly compressed data file conversions to CD-DA convert the source to a WAV-like file in the conversion process, whether it is stored on the hard drive or not.

The benefit of on the fly recording is that the conversion is done automatically and transparently without any user implemented extra conversion steps required. Consequently, it is faster than first converting to WAV files on hard drive.

Ah ha! Thank you very much.

None of those programs I had tried, and I will try them all, or until I find one that works :slight_smile:

I knew somebody had to make these programs.

I can’t believe in all 5 programs that I’ve tried not one of them can get something as simple as making an Audio CD right!


CopyToCD will only want to backup an entire directory! OK, so I don’t have to decode the .OGG files to .WAV, but now I have to create a new directory and copy them all to it and name them in an order so it works. Just as bad.

Since CopyToCD is made from the same company as Blindwrite Suite, it does the same thing. Yeah, great features.

Ashampoo’s won’t even recognize a blank disc when there is one in the drive! That’s really dumb. Just dumb.

The other Ashampoo product will only write from a playlist, and given their other product I’m not even going to try it.

I tried CD Blaster, but even though you select “BURN ON FLY” it still decodes .OGG to WAV before burning!

X2CD simply refused to write to CD. It gets to the point where you are starting to write to CD, and then it crashes. Constantly.

I just can’t believe these are the pathetic options for such a great sound format.

Why doesn’t Ahead make a plugin for OGG? Is there a way to hack out your own plugin?

It has been reported by a Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 beta tester that this unreleased version will support Ogg Vorbis. This is very good news that a major burning software will support Ogg. :slight_smile:

Well, atleast that shows people are trying to support OGG. Somebody is realizing that OGG is superior to MP3.

Somebody else is realizing that OGG decoding can be done on the fly…our PCs are well beyond that.