.ogg sound files in CopytoDvD

.I just downloaded the latest CopytoDVD and there are no .ogg sound files. Is this something new?

Bump, still no answer why there are no .ogg sound files in CopytoDVD V4?

What is missing exactly? The sound prompts?

Yes, the sound promp that say Copy is completed, Damn we have a problem, that sort of thing that was always there.

Ok, it seems to happen for fresh installations or when values are reset to defaults.
A bug report has been opened for this: http://bugs.vso-software.fr/view.php?id=787

The files are installed though (C:\Program Files\VSO\common\sounds), so in the meantime you can select them manually in the settings.

Thanks Philipp, I access them manually as you suggested, just had to find the English speaking woman, no worrys I am sure you will get it sorted. Thankyou.:clap: