OGG --> CD Audio


maybe this is question is asked here frequently

I just want to know is there any software that Burn OGG to CD Audio, just like MP3 to CDA. I heard Nero will support this, but 55917 isnt supported yet…


No, there is currently no burning software that supports burning directly from OGG files. You would have to convert to WAV files first, and then burn.


Both Blindwrite & CopyToCD both support OGG, try www.blindwrite.com for the download link.



I’m using Ashampoo Media Player + and Ashampo Burn It! Add On, and they support OGG to Audio CD…ANd WOW good sound…it’s a shame they dont support ASUS CRW 4012A…and there are no C***k around for it, so i made the c***k