Ogg audio

For those interested in ripping this could be interesting: http://www.everwicked.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Ogg_Content_Creation&file=index

It handles creating Ogg audio streams into your divx
Ogg Vorbis is the perfect audio codec for DivX encodings it seems, because of

  • great audio performance in the 64 to 160 kbps range
  • True VBR audio, means that bitrates will adapt to sound complexity automatically
  • multi channel capabilities ( up to 255 ), incl. channel coupling to save bitrate
  • no more sync issues
  • no more seeking delays!

Time to drop mp3? :wink:

imho there is no good codec for the players.
if there is a good codec it is ok to use ogg for divx movies imho.

Hardball by Vite is OGG I think.

damn, it really rox :wink:
just made my first divx with ogg audio.
While the ac3-file was 350Mb the Ogg was 89 Mb (for an 1h46min movie! And i really cant hear any difference)

could somebody please send me how to convert them? I cant open the site with this message :

Warning: Failed opening ‘modules/Ogg_Content_Creation/index.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/everwick/public_html/modules.php on line 23

thank you

Been using Vorbis since RC2.

Use HeadAC3he to encode, you can download it at www.doom9.org

Doing some extreme low-bitrate tests right now (4 ~ 6 kbps… 32 times smaller than 128 kbps)