OFT, Earth Quake hit China

Hope Fengtao, Ting, and their families are safe. Also thoughts and prayers for those that suffered this disaster.


Hi bigmacnc,

Thank you.

The earthquake occurs at southwestern of China.

We are in Beijing, safe here :slight_smile:

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Ditto. I don’t use their products but i still care about their well being :slight_smile:

:clap: alrighty. I guess your internet connection survived too :slight_smile:

Glad you are safe.


Its easy to forget how big mainland China really is.

Glad they are okay and pray those in the earthquake area are safe as well.

Yeah I know China is large, but not the demographic lay out. People always ask me why we go to a SC beach instead of NC beach. Simple. SC beach 4 hours straight shot, NC beach 7 hours. I know once fengtao lost internet service due to an earth quake that was in Tiwan.

Glad all are safe.

Glad to hear Fengtao, Ting and families are safe in or near Beijing… :iagree:
Our prayers go out to the injured and their families in Yunnan Province.

Mack, thanks for the link. I’m at work and wasn’t aware…

I have to admit this Platinum version works great. I’m a license holder now :clap: