Ofset for Plexwriter premimum



I finially got hold of a Plexwriter Premimum(i think) but cannot find a model number anywhere. the only info is a serial # and manuf date of aug 2005… My question is I am using the last free version of plextools pro xl v 3.16 to rip. I know that the offsets are not changeable in this version but it rips fast. But when I put a -30 write offset in EAC and burn the cd…I can rerip the EAC cd track and compare the waves to the original rip usining the eac compare tool and it show no offsets: which tells me the read offset on this plex is 0… what gives?? I keep finding on here and at accurate rip that all plex have a +30 read offset?

PS old guy here just now gettign aroudn to gettign my cd’s on hard drive…lol