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NEW YORK–Planes crashed into the upper floors of both World Trade Center towers minutes apart Tuesday in a horrific scene of explosions and fires that left gaping holes in the 110-story…

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Reactions from “insiders”: 1) Apparent terrorist attack, Each tower was hit by a small twin engined plane at about 9 AM Ny time, President bush has sai dit is an apparent terrorist attack and the commentry suggest is an extremist islamic group responsible. The planes were hijacked and flown from boston. 6 Dead and 1000+ injured so far known. 2) 3) Yeah, that is what I see on the news. They even hit the Pentagon. Wow. Holy shit! 4) OMG OMG OMG The left tower of the WTC collapsed. There is only one tower left. 5) … now the State Department? Is that correct? Let’s get to WW3 :slight_smile:

Both towers down… :frowning:

At WTC working 50.000 employees , both towers down - Pentogan in fire , all federal office buildings evacuated in washington - carbomb exploded … No jokes pleae

In pennsylvania airplain down … FBI spotting airplaine whois flying to pentagon…

Both towers gone – 40,000 people work in those things. Pentagon hit, and partly collapsed. A second plane seems to be on its way to the Pentagon, but fighters have been scrambled, so if it is a hijacked plane, I don’t think it’s going to make it. Car bomb at the state department. Reports of a plane crash somewhere in Pennsylvania. Uh, let’s see. UN, White House, Capital Hill, Sears Tower, Israeli embassies all evacuated.

Oh, and the FAA has grounded all flights within the US. International flights arriving are getting routed to Canada.

Next update: international flights are beign re-directed to canada. Fourth plane shot down or crashed en-route to DC, looks like it’s over for now.

Update from Germany: Yeah, same here. All Lufthasa flights to the US are grounded, those who are in the air and have passed Greenland fly to Canada, the others return to Germany. Governmental buildings in Berlin are getting partially evacuated and shut off. Same in Russia. The governmental district is closed off. The Russian air force is in alert.

Here’s what I know so far. First plane crashed in to the World Trade Center this morning. As news cameras were showing the wreckage, and people were speculating if this was a navigation error or what, a second plane crashed in to the other tower. One of those planes was confirmed to be a hijacked commercial flight as a 767 that was supposed to be going from Boston to LA. Potentially up to 158 people on that one plane. Another one was a flight with 57 people. Both towers later collapsed while they were being evacuated. Another plane then crashed in to the Pentagon, but most of that is underground, so… Part of the White House and most other major government buildings were evacuated in D.C., New York, and the rest of the country. Many other major landmarks have been evacuated as well, including the Mall of America over here by me. There have been bomb reports around New York as well, about 4 additional explosions so far from either car bombs or over heated cars. There was a threat at a high school, but no one was there and I don’t know what’s happened with that one. No one is sure who has done this, but something this complex and well coordinated could only have been done by a few. One report has come from a reporter with access to Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden that he threatened a major attack like this a few weeks ago. As far as the U.S. infrastructure goes, New York (Manhatten at least) has lost all cell phone and some land line service. I currently cannot send any emails out of my two way pager.

American Airlines and the FAA says there are still several planes unnaccounted for

i dont really know what to say or how to react but this is a pure tragedy… and i think its one of the worst event ever accured in tearms of terrorism… my condolences goes out to everyone thats affected buy this tragedy and hope you all manage to find a way to get over this in one way or another… dunno how correct my english is but… :frowning:

This is BAD - Real bad…

Im in the UK, and I would like to say that my colleagues and myself are deeply saddened by the tradgedy. All our thoughts are with those who have suffered and with the families of the victims.

I am fucking scared shit less here cause I live inside of Western Pennsylvania (plane crashed in Sumerset County, Western PA) and hear tons of planes outside, mostly fighter jets, but man is this shit LOUD!! This is a sad day for America and I thank everyone from outside countries for their support of this matter.

I’m in southern Virginia.The military bases here are on high alert…

First my condolences to United States and people there in. As a NATO land, this is WAR against US and hereby NATO.

let us all pray for the all the innocent people who have died because of this cowardly act. let us hope that justice will be brought to the $h1t who have planned this. let us aim for world peace. god bless all our souls.

This is so fubar and a cowardly attack on the united states. This attacks will have a impact on the whole world.