Offtopic: Coca Cola kills 21 year old boy



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Some people are just totally stupid

We’ve all heard a lot about kids on coke…but what about Coke on kids?

Strictly speaking, 21-year-old…

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I wish I could be a 21 year old boy :4


idiot parents, USA


Thats almost as dumb as sueing McDonalds for having hot coffee.


Redneck: its Idiot Parents, Canada not USA :4




Ya FUBAR indded When will ppl take responsabilty for their actions? get drunk. drive - die get drunk - drink coke -die


Americans = EVERYTHING for money, amazing not even a death of a son can stop the idea “i can get some money from that”… …im disgusted…:r:r:r:r:r


Yes, but the idiot who sued McDonalds for the hot coffee which she spilled on herself got a cool $1 million…


Gosh, stop fighting, guys… This is a forum for CD freaks, no politics, please!


The “idiot” who sued McDonalds only request a couple hundred dollars for the hospital bill, the jury awarded her the million.


Go easy guy’s.


Sorry but … lol … rofl … lmao … 1 Million $ ??? SUCH SHIT CAN ONLY HAPPEN IN USA … :+


Time to remove this Post!


Okay guys. This is it. No more “idiotic posts”. It will be deleted if 1 more Anti USA post is realized.


Well, this was a really stupid guy! (NOT a really stupid american guy, right?!?!!?)


I’m English, I’m sorry but I know I speak for my nation when I say you lot are all COMPLETE HEADCASES over there, but you do have Sarah Michelle Gellar so I will forgive you. :slight_smile: p.s. isn’t this a computer related site or did I click the wrong button? :wink:


This is getting rediculous. 1st it was Canadians not Americans. In either case it was stupid for the ppl to sue and it was stupid to tip a vending machine on himself. we all agree there. DONE NO MORE POSTS! CLOSED


What failed to be mentioned was the fact that all of the companies listed in the lawsuit (excluding the University) all knew that the older Coke Machines were easily knocked over and could cause death or serious injury. Coke even started posting signs on their machines stating that tipping could cause death or injury on most of their machines…and Beaver foods and Venda machines were also aware of the problem (Venda no longer makes that style of Coke Dispensing Machine, it has been making a much safer machine for the past few years now) The machine that fell on this young man was not marked with one of the warnings from Coca-Cola Co. and subsequently should have been removed by Beaver Foods or replaced by Venda Machines. I don’t know, perhaps I am taking sides, but I feel the parents have a legitimate claim, perhaps a bit far-fetched, but after all, their son just died. Oh, and one more thing for all of you geography buffs out there. Quebec is one of Canada’s 10 provinces, last time I checked, we weren’t American (yet :)) De_VoTiOn


I heard about something similar a while ago. A woman on the basketball team at a small college lost her money in the machine so she rocked it until it fell on her and broke some bones. These cases may seem tragic but I think that there may be a Darwin award winner here: :+