Offspring puts new album online in MP3

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Punk band Offspring said Friday it will give away a new album on the Web, hitting a sour note with a recording industry fighting a landmark copyright case against Internet…

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This is soo cool. What a great idea and what great ammunition for Napster to screww the RIAA and all the big companies backing it.

Also the group Smashing Pumpkins put thier latest albu for free on the net.


Where can I download the smashing pumpkins album for free? I love their music and a legal site is bound to be better quality and easier to get than some morons ratio ftp site.

e-mail me if you know where to get it for free

This is probably the coolest thing any band has ever done, I use napster all the time, but I was going to buy offspring’s new album when it came out because they support napster, but now I can download it with there permission!!! NAPSTER ROCKS! OFFSPRING ROCKS! METALLICA SUX!

p.s. I will still buy offspring’s album anyway just because they are so cool.

The URL of the Official is

The direct Link to the News is :

Their New Single : “Original Prankster” will be available in Mp3 on the site the 29th ofSeptember

Finally :
"Following this, the band’s forthcoming new album, titled Conspiracy Of One, will be available in its entirety at What’s more, every person downloading tracks from the album will have the option of automatically being entered in a drawing to win $1,000,000. The winner will be announced live on MTV on November 14th, the traditional retail release date of Conspiracy Of One. "

Sounds Cool.

And What about LimpBizkit ?

Don’t they have an Albulm comming out in October ?
(the 24th I think…)

I hope they’ll do the same thing also…

About SmasingPumkins,
here is a great site :

I think the official one is down…

Their new albulm is not supposed to be on Cd…

If anyone does have it on Mp3,
give us the link…

Title of the Albulm :
“Friends and Enemies of Modern Music” and 3EPs.

Here’s the story :
“The Smashing Pumpkins have released a new album on Constantinople Records (Billy’s new label) and is the Smashing Pumpkins 6th album. This album is being described as a followup to Machina and the last album from the band. As a final farewell, and a fuck you to a record label that didn’t give them the support they deserved, a limited pressing album was made (3x10” + 2LP, 5 discs total) and given away to be bootlegged out among the fans. There is 25 copies pressed on to 12 inch records, there will never be a cd pressing for this album.

Hey Fixx dude
I checked out that site. The only copy of the songs I could find were in real audio format. I like their music but I don’t like it that much. I’d rather slit my wrists and drip the blood all over my computer and blow it out rather than install RealAudio or jukebox on my system. They both suck and are HUGE bloatware that tries to grab too much of your system.

Any other places you know of?

1 for Offspring, 100 for Disturbed1, Million for RATM

to Nila,
if you are talking about Smashing Pumkins, find everything about “Friends and Enemies of Modern Music” on Napster, I think the user is “GisliPals” or me “obike_fixx”…

About Offspring :
the same thing, use Napster.
“Original Prankster” has been found.
But nothing yet about the Album…

I also agrees with what TheSK8man said,
RATM Rules, they were cool at the VideoMusic Award.

Hope it helps.

well…well… WHAT MORE DO WE WANT…(covers/inlay/jewelcase too???) by posting…(for free of course) if they start something i think they should make it big too…otherwise …f*** them …(its only publicity or something. because of NAPSTERtrial) when your not on no1 …you suck …soooooo…lets do it this way!..simsalabim…

oooops …sorry…GREAT…LOL

Cobain, I have trouble to understand what you mean…
Still, it sounds cool.

About Offspring, be aware that they are some fakes out there…

I just found one… ;0

see Yaa.

“Offspring launches a contest giving fans a chance to win $1 million by downloading the single and registering their e-mail address with the band.”

Hmmmm, are you sure this is not a trap setup by RIAA.
When you go and collect the prizemoney, they catch you for illegaly downloading MP3s.

I know, I’m paranoid…

Maybe you aren’t, who knows…

But anyway, you are still able to find it using Napster.

At least this one is not gonna come to your house.


ok listen up foolz!!

What would you all do if a warezsite said:

“enter your emailadress when downing Microsoft Windows ME, and we will put you in a draw for 1mill $” … ehmmm…
need i say more, you dumbass motherfuckers…
who gave birth to you anyway?? donkeys???

Jesus fucking christ!
smashing pumpkins !

smashing pumpkins

3 download locations for the pumpkins album here: