Offset holes in CD

Just had to put this somewhere. This is a CD that was mailed in to our admin support, and get this, from a Tech Guy.
Yes he really did manage to put a staple through the CD!
Sorry about the blurry photos, but I was laughing to much to keep still.

Um, okay.
Whatever works for you :iagree:

Can’t make out what is in the pic (other than the cd)!

Interesting, but I bet the disk still reads because from what I can see in the photo, the written-to area hasn’t been damaged.

Yep … Still can read it.

Still can’t work out how he managed to stick a staple through it. You you would think you would notice. I guess he just didn’t want it to move in the envelope

Before I saw common sense I was a teacher for 25 years and in that time saw many interesting things get stapled by the kids, including fingers, hair and many items of clothing…you name it! As far as stapling the disk is concerned I bet I’m right in thinking that the poster placed the envelope a little too fair into an auto-stapling machine…those things can staple through plywood! :iagree: