Offset for LiteON LTN 526 CDROM

Does anybody know the correct offset adjustment for this 52x cd rom drive?

How can i find it?

Read this guide

Originally posted by RaWShadow
Read this guide

yes thank you!
i’ve already done it . These are the results:

Brand: LiteON -
Model/Type: CD-ROM Liteon 52x model LTN526
Firmware: YH0X
Accurate Stream: Yes
Audio Caching: No
C2 Error Retrieval: Yes
Read Command: MMC1
Read Offset Correction: +600
Overreading into Lead-In and Lead-Out: None
Read CD-TEXT Information: Yes
Gap/Index Retrieval Method: B
Gap Detection Accuracy: Secure
EAC Write: No (Not again! it’s only a CDRom Reader!)
Write Offset: n/a
Overwriting into Lead-In and Lead-Out: n/a
Write UPC/ISRC Information: No
Average EAC Reading Speed: 22,0X (in secure mode)- 28,5X (in burst mode)