Offset EAC NEC ND3500AG?



Offset EAC NEC ND3500AG FW 2.1B
Any idea for writing? and read?

A lot of thanks.


Hi [B]javiertoti[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

For the NEC ND-3500AG use the following offsets in Exact Audio Copy:

  • Read sample offset correction: +48
  • Write sample offset: +18


Hi, as i noticed from both autoconfiguration and accuraterip webpage( for all the Nec/Optiarc DVD RW the read sample offset is : +48.
Is it the same for write sample offset? For all : +18?
Thank you.


It’s the same for the NEC ND-4551A. I haven’t checked the Optiarc AD-7173A yet.


A lot of thanks 4 your welcome & for your answer.

I have one more dude. I´ve done an EAC extraction and i´ve got this log

Is it OK? Why not 100% range quality? Thanks again.


100% quality is when everything is ripped without having to re-read a single frame. The 99.9% quality means that at least some frames had to be re-read, but you still have a perfect rip or you would have got some kind of error message.

So it’s all good! :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks DrageMester.