Offset EAC NEC ND3500A

Any idea for writing?
I think for reading is +48

Nero CD-DVD Speed’s “Advanced DAE test” is a very good way to find out the correct reading offset for your drive, as explained in this thread.

This is what Nero CD-DVD Speed shows me for the NEC ND-3500A:

The “samples” number is the correct one for EAC (-1158).

With EAC (my test…) is:

Combined read/write +66
Read +48
Wrtite +18

Is this correct?

I am running the 2.C8 firmware and I get the following

Read +48
write +12

The only way to tell if this is correct for your drive/firmware is to:
copy a CD, then extract a track from the original, extract the same track from the copy and use the “compare Wavs” function of EAC to see if the tracks match (all of these steps using the 3500A). If the offsets are correct then there should be no difference in the tracks.

My tests with original 2.16 firmware, and later confirmed with 2.17bs_herrie firmware, agree with mapi1968’s results above:

Combined read/write +66
Read +48
Write +18

I tested this with two of the EAC “well known” CD’s and by generating a test CD and reading it back. Reading an Audio CD and an copy of that CD created with EAC further confirmed the Write offset, because the CRC sums were identical (except for the last track due to the ND-3500AG’s inability to read from the lead-out area).

I guess it’s possible that the offset depends on the firmware version, but I don’t see any reason why it would change (except unintentionally).

  • DrageMester

Write offset = combined read/write offset correction (EAC Offset CD) minus read offset correction (Sample CD)

Good thing I read this thread, I went back and double checked my offsets and found out my write should be +18 as well.
Not sure how I got +12 before?