Official or modified firmware on rebadged drive?

This is my first post, and I dug around and searched for a while and just can’t seem to come up with the answer to this question. I got a few close tips here and there, but nothing that really answers my question. So here goes:

I purchased a LaCie internal dual layer drive that is a rebadged NEC ND-3500. Can I safely install official firmware published by NEC? Can I also install modified firmware that is intended for the ND-3500?

Thanks in adance! :slight_smile:

Great site, btw! :bow: I’m glad I stumbled on it before getting too deep into this stuff.


I do not know your particular drive, but it should be possible, I believe. I know it is on mine… I’ve got a Digital Research D522452, which is also sold as I/O Magic I522452 and BenQ 5224P. I used the BenQ firmware without a single problem.

If you are absolutely sure that the LaCie drive internals are the exact same as the NEC’s… then you could try to flash it. If it doesn’t work, many drives are still alive enough to re-write the flash if you have to downgrade. Try if you need the original firmware again.

Hope it works for you!

go to the NEC forum and look for liggy’s “winflash”, and use that, if your sure that it is an NEC35OO.That forum is full of info towards that item.

Check your drive with Nero InfoTool (you might’ve done that), if it says that the drive is an NEC, I don’t think there can be any problems flashing it.

  1. Using official firmware will probably keep your drive within its warranty (assuming it hasn’t expired).
  2. Using modified firmware will probably voide your warranty.

Thank you all for your helpful advice. I knew I came to the right place. :cool:

I finally got word back from LaCie. They said that since mine is an internal IDE drive, there is no problem with using firmware from NEC as opposed to from LaCie. For those of you with firewire or usb connections, beware: LaCie rewrites the NEC factory firmware to use the different connections, so don’t use firmware directly from NEC.

Technically, NEC firmware could void the warranty, since the drive is branded by LaCie and warranted by them. But LaCie gave me in writing that it would be fine, so I’m good.

And as far as voiding warranties…well, I’d probably be agreeing with thousands of others on this site when I sarcastically say, “what warranty?”
:wink: The gains from a well-tested firmware hack far outweigh the risk on a drive that only cost $60.

Agreed. That and there are SOOO many nifty firmware options for the NEC. Well worth the risk IMHO.