Official Nero 5.5 comes 22 march

I just posted the article Official Nero 5.5 comes 22 march….

For the people who have a bought Nero this is some information:

Nero 5.5 upgrade information Nero 5.5 will be released on the 22 of March 2001. All users who purchased Nero 5.0 or received the…

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where can we get the illegal version and what can we crack it with :slight_smile:

I’m seriously considering buying this one. I think they deserve it. We should keep this program “alive”!!! All that ppl want nowadays is “Where do we get the illegal version and how do we crack it” ‘come on’ ppl !! Or nero will vanish into the blue !!!

very nice i hope i can download it !! f 129,- for a program is way too expensive

Who cares about nero? If I were to buy a cdr prog, I would buy something I can find on the shelves for real value for money!

I can’t believe a reader of this site would post aomething like that?? What, are you going to run out and but EZCD Creator??? :r

very nice

The version out on the ‘Scene’ is dodgy. It gives an error about only working with the CDR unit it was packed with. THen asks for the a valid serial.

If any of you are using Nero 5.5 and it is working for you then PLEASE contact me and let me know. THANKS

SORRY!!! lol. I’m a total and utter dolt. DUH! What was happening is that it was using my old serial number from the last version of Nero it had detected it was uhum, ‘dodgy’ which is why it was giving the error. It worked with a different serial. SORRY again!

Besides the fact I actually buy my software, I sincerely feel that Nero is worth every cent of it. Have had a license since version 4 You make enough money buring CD’s with Nero, is it really too much to ask to support them in developing a geat program like theirs??? Oh well…the wrong site for thse preaches :smiley:

I’ve been Cracking the version since version 4.:slight_smile: I think it’s time to get a legal version of it. It’s worth every cent of it. I am using a preview version of Nero 5.5. So…Keep Nero Alive personally, I have never made a good CD with Nero, music or data. The new EZCD 5 looks good tho

I have full release of Nero-BR 5.5 (from Recording Underground) and I have problem with quickly method of erase CD-RW.Does anybody have same problem ? please contact me >[edit: removed email address]