Official nec3520 firmware




Im just wondering when NEC provides us with their new firmware for the nec3520.
It was promised for march…

Because im facing some problems, i wouldn´t like to flash it with an unofficial firmware…



What problems?


max. read speed: only 6x
max. write speed: only 6x

mostly even slower (when its not EXPENSIVE quality media)


Sorry, but this must be you! :wink: At least every 8x-media should burn 8x and every Data-DVD should be read up to 16x, so there must be something wrong with your setup! I’d recommend reading the FAQ!

Only difference in new firmwares is support for more 16x media @16x (PHILIPS C16 (1.04 @8x) and RICOHJPN R03 (1.04 @4x) for example (MAD DOG 1.F3 can burn both @16x)) and perhaps some improvements in quality for certain media types, so your problems will stay the same, if you just update firmware!


probably dma related


okay thanks…
I need some help :slight_smile:

Please read my last reply in the following thread:


Sorry about cross-quoting… :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I have replaced the IDE-cables and the power-calbles ==> without any Success
  2. I also tried to remove the NEC-drive, and therefore let the toshiba drive the only drive on the secondary ide channel. No success either
  3. I checked the DMA-Modes:
    The primary ide channel currently runs on “PIO”-Mode. But only my harddrive runs on the primary ide channel. (anyway: is that bad?)

The secondary ide channel:

  • Device 0 runs on “Ultra-Dma-Mode 2” (this is the nec drive i think)
  • Device 0 runs on “Multiword-DMA-Mode 2” (toshiba)

What means Mutliword-Dma mode?

  1. My computer is very old and slow… may thats the problem?
  • 733 MHZ
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Mainboard: ASUSTeK Cuv4x-cm
    i. Your HDD must run at least in UDMA-4 mode.

ii. This mobo is equiped with VIA Pro 133 chipset, some of the worse scenario together with modern DVDRW´s. (IDE bus is only UDMA66 = UDMA-4)
Well defragmented this will result in 8x burns, 12x at best.

iii. It’s on time to find a new home for your excellent NEC 3520 DVDRW.


thanks a lot!!
This is what my PC-info Tool tells about the motherboard…

Isnt there another possibility than buying a new motherbard?

Informationsliste Wert
North Bridge Eigenschaften
North Bridge VIA VT82C694X Apollo Pro133A

DRAM Steckplatz #1 512 MB (PC133 SDRAM)

AGP Controller
AGP Version 2.00
AGP Status Aktiviert
AGP-Geräte ATI Xpert 99/Xpert 2000
AGP Durchsatzgröße 32 MB
Unterstützte AGP Geschwindigkeit 1x, 2x
Aktuelle AGP Geschwindigkeit 1x
Fast-Write Nicht unterstützt
Side Band Addressing Unterstützt, Aktiviert

Firmenname VIA Technologies, Inc.


Nope. Spend the $ if you want to get the most out of the burner. I’d buy another PC instead of upgrading the MB.


Your PC spec seems to be perefectly fine for dvd burner!
I also got 3520 and my monster(550mhz, 128RAM, win98) PC burns at 8x without any probs. I think there are probs with your configuration.


Yeah :slight_smile:
I WOULD like to buy another PC… but im a poor student…

If ill replace the chipset, will that work?
Or do i need to replace the whole motherboard?


But the NEC 3520 can burn at 16X! What is your burn time at 8X?


Can’t agree on that one… :confused:

Sure, even my 7 years old P-II 266MHz box can burn at 8x. Just add a USB-2 PCI card and put your burner in external enclosure. :wink:


Again, those MBs compatible with your existing memory will not result in much improvement. Need new CPU and RAM in addition to the MB. You may be able to re-use the case, floppy, powersupply, sound card, modem, and IDE cables. We’re looking at $150 to $200 min.

Cheapest solution is to buy a new PC around 300 to 400 bucks. I see no problem writing at 4X. Gotta pay if you wanna play.


well, i think i rather wanna burn slow than pay 200 dollars…
but thanks to all ya


Before replacing your PC, some tweaks to try, and benchmark to do.

What hard drive you have, why is it not on UDMA mode 2, what is the transfer rate from the HDD. You may need to unistall the IDE channels in Device Manager, and reboot to let Windows re-install automatically. (see sticky and other posts on enabling DMA in Windows). Use Nero or free program HD Tune to see what transfer rate you get from the HDD. If you have newer HDD with ATA/100-133, you may find a new or used PCI controller for this, so you improve transer rate.

Also do some tests with Nero CD-DVD Speed Test to see how your system is ripping clean pressed DVD-Video, and what numbers you get for burst rate and CPU%. When you run these test, also load Task Manager and monitor CPU%.

My impression you should be able yo safely burn 8X on your system with no other programs running, but I suggest you keep it at 6X anyway.