Official MyCE Weekly Newsletter Thread - Discuss the weekly newsletter here!

As a test, you can now leave your comments and reactions to this week’s newsletter in this discussion thread. As you know, you can subscribe to the MyCE newsletter that brings you an overview of the most active articles and threads, latest headlines and top commenters.

Feel free to leave comments here on what you think of this week’s newsletter, or the newsletter in general.

I really like the newsletter!

Question: how comes StormJumper always is the top commenter and way ahead of the rest?

do you guys enjoy the newsletter too?

I have in the past tried to subscribe and as yet never received it.
If you tell me where to look in my settings I will try again.


If you are logged in, click on [I]settings [/I](just below your username in the yellow box in the top right corner), and then hit [I]edit your details[/I]. Click this link for the shortcut :slight_smile:

You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter here :iagree:

Additionally and seperately, you can opt-in to receive occasional message from our sponsors, although up to this point none have been sent for a very very long time :smiley:

Thank you BussyB I have updated the details.

Hi all.

I was accused of being a lurker so i came over here to prove that i am not a lurker. LoL :slight_smile:

I like looking/reading The MyCE Newsletters.
I may even learn 1/2 things
Keep writing

I always enjoy getting the newsletters. They are very informative and keep me up to date on what’s happening. Thanks to all involved.


Keep up the good work with !MyCE weekly newsletter‏

hey, I got enticed to come to this page. Haven’t posted in a while. Been in a technology rut, behind in my VHS-to-DVD projects, maybe my life sucks right now

But in the next 2 to 6 months, I’ll be looking for 50: flat screen, in 2011 a i7 build-your-own PC, all depending on my saving ability. So, I’ll be here for some advice, like some of my past purchases.

Also “will” buy a Zoom Q3HD when it hits street date

They also accused me of being a lurker. I enjoy reading them but I’m not going to reply to everything I see on here.

So, I’m a lurker! Oh well I’ve been called worse.
I very much enjoy reading the newsletter that you are very kindly send to me.
Here’s the rub, I’m disabled, which means it’s hard for me to type, (impossible some days) I do play with computers and audio stuff when able. If I get a problem, or am able to help someone with a problem I will do. What can I comment on ? Not a lot really, but to say what a superb website, full of useful stuff and comments.

So if it’s not too much hassle for you I would like to “lurk” most of the time enjoying reading the forums.

A big thanks to everyone that can contribute and run Club MyCE.

My best wishes to you all.

Voxsmart. :bigsmile:

I’m not quiet sure what MyCE is all about but, I’m no lurker. Would you please explain what your service provides.

Thanks, Joe Martinez

Lurker Smurker. I do enjoy the site, but I would rather keep to myself unless I really know what I am talking about…after all, some folks here take your word as gospel, and I’m afraid I am no expert on anything. Seems like there are enough experts here already. Heaven forbid should I ask a stupid question…flamed! So yes, I search to find answers, read the posts of others, and go quietly on my way. When the time is right and I feel like I can answer some poor soul’s dilema, I will be most happy to help. Until then, quietly on my way. After all, is there really anything wrong with enjoying the site and reading the top headlines from each weeks newsletter? I love technology, and enjoy reading an experts advice, especialy when they really know their stuff…hats off to you all. Some posts just make great reading…and at times, can be quite comical. On the flipside, I do not care much for the bickering…the “I’m right ~ You’re wrong” posts. They may not be Lurkers…more like Jurkers. So if you have a Samsung 55" LED display question…perhaps in the future I can help you out, Until then, I guess I’m guilty of Lurking in the first degree.
Thanks for a wonderful site!

Same as filmfreak65 – I try to keep up to date with what is going on but can not understand the abreviotions used by you guys.
However when I’ve needed help you have been there. thanks

Please feel free to join in the discussions. The moderators here don’t tolerate “flaming”, so those sorts of things get shut down quickly. Every now and again a political thread will get a bit heated, but even there, if you feel it has gone too far, just send a moderator a note by personal message and we [B]will[/B] respond. We like to keep things on a friendly level 'round here.

And back on topic…I’ve been signed up for the newsletters for ages now. Haven’t seen a single one in my inbox since January! Checked the spam filter and no newsletters were in there either. :frowning:

MyCE is a site devoted to storage technology of all kinds, including optical media, hard drives, SSD’s (solid state drive), usb drives, you name it.

We discuss various types of media, including tv shows and films and how to back up movies that you own. We can also help when changing formats, for example putting dvds onto a server, or a usb stick, or making a blu ray movie into an mp4 or mkv file to play on a different piece of equipment than what the movie studios may have intended. We only help with media that you have purchased however…you must have the original disk or original, legal download.

Home theater equipment, game consoles, games themselves…there are lots of different subjects discussed here at MyCE. I suggest you explore the site a bit and see if there are areas of discussion that really interest you.

@lenhend Don’t be shy about asking for explanations. We will be glad to help. :slight_smile:

If I post something will you stop calling me a lurker!!! I asked all my friends if they thought I was a lurker and all but one said that I was not a lurker! needless to say I have one less friend!!! ha ha / I love reading your newsletter, always something in it for me! Keep up the good work!

Hi, what is a lurkers ???/PS am not a lurkers chino10458

Lurks lurking lurkable!

<-- may be off topic, but why are we talking about lurking all the time? Is it necessary???