Official MSPaint Competition 2005 - Voting Thread

Ok the pictures have been submitted they have beenn checked for illegalities and have been poked with a stick to make sure that they are real. So now the time has arrived to cast your vote. The polls will close in a set amount of time not yet known untill I check what I previously stole. 7 days it seems is all you get.

We have,

Mr B - Blue Moo

BCN_246 - Krab

Womble - PickleSabre Vs PurpleDildoSabre

Airhead - It’s Not A Pipe

Ako - A House by I Duddle

Cerberus - Your Imagination (Yes it’s a white square)

NoSmartz - .

kwkark - Entry of kwkard

BJProc - Age 4

Savannah - ghost story around campfire in mspaint

Jan70 - Vacation is coming up and time for some cocktails!

Kalas - Entry Of Kalas

Vote now people or be afflicted by boils.

My vote goes to ako. It looks like the most detail went into it. Although I did like womble because of the purple dildo and it made me think of the cd freaks book thread

/me likes Jan70’s entry. Simple and effective.

Bumpy Bumpy

i like them all :slight_smile:

You would. :doh: :stuck_out_tongue:
Go on pick one!!!

Oh bugger ok it has to be Wombles:) think i will go buy me a new dress with the reward …thanks bomble bum :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats the second competition in a row I have been accused of offering backhanders for votes. Mind you I won the last one somehow. :stuck_out_tongue:

can I vote for my own?

Well you can do if YOU think it is the best. It’s all a matter of concience.

No :disagree:

jsut teasing

Of course you can but then everyone will see it an mock you for it. They might even visit your house in the middle of the night and pour jam into your mailbox.

i would vote for me but im not even entered:’( and that is where i have been the last couple of months preparing my master peice, only to miss the compo :a

lal@jam :clap:
Are you that “they”?

No, the dwarfes are!

I agree and it makes you want a drink :stuck_out_tongue:

Jan 70…


I dont trust these mods… :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t believe that Cerberus is winning this with his “non” picture.

I will add a million votes to mine if somebody doesnt vote for it soon.
Do ye not recognize true art when you see it!?