Official LiteOn Recommended Media List

Recommended Recordable & ReWritable Media

Some CD-R/RW or DVD+R/+RW media may not be possible to write on, due to differences in the manufacturing quality. We recommend you use CD-R/RW and DVD+R/+RW media from the following manufacturers that have been proven satisfactory with our drive.

CD-R Media:
AMT, CMC, Csita, Delphi, EverMedia, LeadData(Silver-Sil),
Maxell, MCC(Bagdad), Mirage, Mitsui, MoserBaer(India),
MPO, NanYa, Plasmon, Prodisc, RAMedia, Ricoh, TY(DX dye),
SKC(Korea), Ritek(JS,S,Richo dye), SAST(ultra green), TDK,

Low Speed CD-RW Media:
AMT, CdBoss, CMC, DataStone, Ever Media, Gigadata,
GigaStor, Maxell, MCW, Mitsubishi, Philips, Pony, Power,
Princo, Ricoh, Ritek, TetaSys, Verbatim, Winner

High Speed CD-RW Media:
AMT, CMC, Infodisc, NanYa, Postech, Prodisc, Ritek

Ultra Speed CD-RW Media:
MCC, Ritek, CMC

DVD+R Media:
MCC, Ritek, CMC, Ricoh, Sony, Maxell, TY

DVD+RW Media:
MCC, Ritek, CMC, Ricoh

Hi fairyliquidizer, you say “our drive”.
Are you a technical LiteON?
However, you have forgotten the list of the minus discs.

It’s just a quote from the drive manual or another source of the recommended media list.

Oops. There is a printed manual in my 451S retail box! Didn’t notice it when I was digging around the other day. I was wrong when I said that they don’t to printed manuals. :o

Anyway, the -R list (mind you, this is a 451S manual, so it’s old)…
CMC, Fujifilm, Maxell, Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Ritek :Z, TY

The -RW list from my manual…
JVC, Mitsubishi, Ritek, TDK

What kind of support is there for mcc media anyway…
Look what I got when i burned a Verbatim 8x +R disk(mcc003)
At the 4x zone everything looked perfect but after switching to 6x a total chaos! Dvd decrypter stopped during “finalize disk” and my 832s went crazy, so I reset my pc. Too bad, I expected a lot from this media, back to experimenting again…

Has anyone else tried this media on 832s VS04? What kind of results did you get?