Official Firmware v2.18 question

I downloaded Firmware v2.18 from since the latest version on US site is 2.17 and readme say.

Firmwareupdate ND-3500A(G) - Important Information:

[F/W revision Brands]
2.18 (WIN) - 08-Nov-2004

You will find information for firmware 2.18 changes on our FAQ:
-> Support and Service -> Technical questions -> Optical storage -> DVD / DVD Writer

-this Update works only with NEC ND-3500A(G) retail/ bulk, not with OEM releases.
(OEM means part of a full PC package or external USB/FireWire variant of this burner)

>For OEM products contact your dealer, distributior or manufacturer of PC-/ USB-package.

-You can only update from official Firmwareversion 2.16.

How you think its just marketing or there is some reason for that?
Also when you flash firmware its completely replaces previous version right?

I don’t think it’s marketing. NEC don’t support modded f/w only their official f/w, so they make you have original f/w in you drive before they let you flash in the newer f/w, it stops people from flashing in original f/w over modded f/w so if something goes wrong NEC can’t be blamed!

You could probably cheat with an OEM drive by getting the original 2.16 bin file and flashing it into an OEM drive using Necwinflash or similar tool and then flashing in the 2.18 f/w.

I flashed from 2.17 just fine.
But if you flash for hacked firmware it should fully replace old one and when you flash back to original its removes hacked completely right?

That’s the theory, I’ve not read about anyone RMA’ing their 3500 that used modded f/w and reflashed official f/w before sending it back and had it rejected yet!

Well anyway i still have question does flashed firmware fully deletes/replaces previous firmware?

I believe the rom is erased before flashing in the new f/w, this means the previous firmware is totally erased.

I found this thread that might be helpful:

It may be better to post your question about the rom being ‘fully deleted before flashing’ in one of the firmware threads!

Yes. :wink:

BTW, there is no need to post same question again in an other forum section. :cool:

Actually second post was not a question. Anyway thanks.

That’s the usual procedure.

I getting error (cyclic redundancy check) on my data dvd, can this be because i updated firmware and dvd was written with previous firmware version?

No it’s because you use crap media :wink:

Well its traxdata ritec disk, but i scratched it a little, but not much why the hell gives me 40% of unreadable sectors its my most valuable backup disk.

Thats why! Dont scratch discs they’ll break!

Also now i trying to burn my CD-R’s and getting errors in nero, i already messed up 2 cd’s.
I use XP sp2, i am not sure its because i upgraded firmware or because XP sp2 is crap because prior to this i was using 2k.

What should this mean?

Upgrade Nero to the latest version if you haven’t already and try different Media as well, it could be down to bad media. Have you tried burning at a lower speed or doing a test burn to simulate a real burn? If you still get the same errors I would try another brand of CD-R.

I think what this guy was originally asking and I have the same question…

Is why does it say at the NEC firmware website
that you can only upgrade firmware for retail drives and not OEM drives. I have to think this is not true. Does anyone know if it’s okay to flash OEM drives with the retail firmware?

Why not… they’re identical :wink:

Hi All,

I have NEC 3500A and using DVDxCopy Platinum Software. It takes me 45min/DVD(read & write). Would flashing the 2.18 Original or others firmwares speedup the burning process?

Thanks! :bow:

It might. You could try it. It won’t hurt unless you do it wrong. There could be other things slowing you down though, like your media, IDE cables, system setup, etc.

Upon further thinking though, 45 min sounds about right for ripping and writing a DVD. If you’re re-encoding it too, then that’s pretty fast I think.