Official CD Freaks Trivia

I was thinking on loading a trivia irc script, CD Freaks related. Question like “When did CD Freaks open?” or “Who’s the most active moderator?” are examples of questions that would be funny to ask.

Please use this method for posting, along with your comments if it is good or not!

Q: Question here?
A: Answer here!

Thanks for participating :wink:

What’s that? Just random and endless QA’s?

Related to CD Freaks, yes :slight_smile: They have to be true, and funny if possible ("Who’s Tax’s love :P?)


Q: Is nOBeLium truly in love with Kus_Emmy?

A: Doesn’t matter, she’s 14 so everybody has to wait at least 4 years!! :cop:

Q: Why ain’t I a mod or admin (this is a funny Q if you didn’t get it)?

A: Because you’re avatar says your Alcoholic, not good for a mod. :smiley:

Q: What is my avatar?

A: Is it a splat banana?

Q: Is this thread “Official”, it wasnt started by a mod/admin?

A: Anyone can start a thread

Q: who keeps bringing hookers into chat?

A: Me

Q: What is a hooker? (Ben might not know this so please answer ligthly)

A: Streetwalker a prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets or
(rugby) the player in the middle of the front row of the scrum who tries to capture the ball with the foot .

Q: So whos Tax’s love intrest now?

A:His computer

Q:Who thinks i make a good CDFreaks mum?

A: Isn’t your status title answer it?

Q: Who’s SS love interest now?

A: is it me?

Q: Isnt this like the questions only thread?

A: Duh, it has answers :stuck_out_tongue:

A: NO ben…the answer should be just that…an answer…

Q: who eats beans on toast while cybering ?(now i’m hungry again )

ignore this post was too slow:p

A: No. :Z

Q. Does Sexy_S like me?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you know Kus_Emmy is 16?

A: no i didn`t know

Q: what is zevias avatar? (i know this was all ready asked but dont think ben got it right looks like some kind of elephant to me)

A: a splat banana! :stuck_out_tongue:

Q: Kenshin did you know Kus_Emmy is 14 and not 16???