OFFICIAL 60th Blindwrite comic!

Hey everybody,

we’ve reached number 60 … the story continues… will the Blindwrite Garfield comics ever stop??? Perhaps Garfield is the only one to know…

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Alex “Rylex”

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I can really appreciate this one.

A continuation of last weeks story. Nice job.

Of the highest quality as always.

Yeah… and I just can guarantee even MORE fun with the next 61st Blindwrite comic coming later this week :iagree:

So stay tuned!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I like this one :slight_smile:

You got some spare time left! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the grey cat was a girl.

No the grey cat is not a girl. In the original Garfield comics he is called “Mermal” … and it is a male cat (even if his eyes look a bit like a girl)
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he sounds like a girl in the animated cartoons.

I found one ORIGINAL Garfield comic that definitly points out that it is NOT a girl. Just look at the attachment… saying in picture two:

“… he’s too short to reach the doorbell”

So the grey cat is NOT a girl
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:o fooled me all these years hahaha
please tell me that odie is a guy not a girl hahahaha

they should ship that grey cat to antartica. hahahha :a

Yeah Odie is a boy :iagree:

I first was unsure about the grey cat, too - but after I’ve read some Garfield comics it was clear to me that this is a male cat.

Perhaps that’s the point why Garfield hates him… because he is sooooo cute :Z
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about shipping that grey cat to antartica - just wait for the OFFICIAL 61st Blindwrite comic…

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Mermal and Odie are both boys and they’re both great. :bow: :bow:

Rylex, try to keep them in, because comics with these guys are (in my opinion) always a bit better than the ones without them.