Official 3540 FW late coming?



I’m always disappointed at the lack of FW updates from NEC after an initial drive release. They always take sooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooong!


But once the next version is available, I’m sure a bitsetting version will be released within minutes after I see it. :wink:


I say, Liggy knows more about a new 3540 firmware release :wink:



I agree, Liggy always surprises us with new things. :iagree:


Indeed it takes long as hell for NEC to release new firmware, but with MadDog releasing their new OEM Rebadge of the ND-3540A, we are sure as hell going to see Mad updates from them… hopefully. Although I’m still waiting for their ND-3500AG firmware update, how much more shall we wait. :frowning: