Official 1673S firmware JS05

Check here:

Is there any deference from that one?

no, lite-on just officially released it today.

if my drive is running great way it is think i should risk upgrading? I got JS02 right now.

I dont know anytime I upgrade firmware on any hardware device like bios…and i wasnt having any issues…i seem to have issues after…i just have bad luck like that…lol

Is this “official” JS05 any different from the JS05 that has been available on CodeKing’s site for a while?

read post #2 and #3


Whoops. That’ll teach me to read too fast…

I retired my 1633s and picked up a 1673s today. Flashed to the latest firmware and I am really impressed!!! :bow:

burnt @16x?


Would you rescan the old disc burned by 1633?

I just want to know whether it just reads better or burns better

not really impressive for 8x…