OfficeMax TDK's DVDR+ media code?

TDK 16X DVD+R 100 pack spindle for $22.99 – anyone know the media code for these? :slight_smile:

CMC for the +R
and may be TTH for the -R
my take on it?? Stay away from it


CMC MAG M01 is a common one for the 16x +R.

TDK DVD+R was Made in India but I don’t know about media code
because I didn’t buy

then moser baer 16X +R

I have the TDK 50pack 16x DVD+R MIT from Bestbuy and it’s Ritek R05.

I hate to waste my time with TDK media.

Yes 110% I agree just stay away from All TDK media
I having trouble DL media also it is RICOHJPN D01 it is so bad :a

$23 per spindle of 100 is not cheap. Verbatim goes on sale for the same price, just wait till verbatim goes on sale. The burn quality for verbatim is a sure thing unless you are unlucky, getting a bad batch

I bought the 100 pack at Costco and they were exactly the same. I used about 10, they were terrible and I took them back, Costco is great about refunds.:iagree:

TDK 16x +R in this part of the world is TDK003 made
in India. They don’t mark the country of origin on the
packaging. I can only identify it from the MBI hub-code.
It burns quite well in the GSA-H22N.

8x +R are either YUDEN000T02 or CMC MAG E01
Both are excellent.

I suggest the BenQ 1640@12x for RitekR05. It does a lovely job for me… but these are the Office Depot branded and not TDK:

The Maxell Gold Top 8X dash used to be G05 and they were terrible.:iagree:

:iagree: Amen.

Thanks for info skelton :bow:

unless they are dirt cheap, then buy them, at at the weekly sale price, I wouldn’t touch them. I will only buy them when stores either have anniversary sale or major holiday sale and mark them down like $14 for 100 or whenever costco have them on sale for BOGO deal, then I consider them.

TDK003 is not bad at all.

Here is a sample.
Burner: LG H42N (rl01)
Writing Speed: 8X

It is very nice :clap:
please tell me how get TDK003 it is MIT or MII :bow:
because I’m very :confused:

From Costco buy one get one free sale. It is inkjet printable. It is MIT, I think. There is no TDK logo in the middle of disc.

Here comes bad news. I just open second 100pc cake package of MIT TDK+R 16X inkjet printable. It has TDK logo on the disc. The MID is CMC MAG M01. :sad:

P.S. When I bought them, they looked same in my eye.