Officemax House-brand 16x DVD-R MMC -Good?

Just got back from Officemax and picked up a 50 pack of their house-brand 16x DVD-Rs they had on sale.

Checked with dvdinfo and they’re MCCs. (MCC 03RG20)

Anyone tried these, are they good? I know MCC is supposed to be good, but so many fake ones out there. Might be using these for video or data backup so want to be sure these aren’t crap ones with fake media codes. Can’t find any info on the officemax brand except 2 posts at videohelp. Know the officedepot ones are good, but these?

I think you mean MCC, not MMC. Does it actually say MMC for the media ID code or not?

Yeah, meant MCC.

Thanks for catching my typo.

Look for the outer hub code. Does it have a ZD…-DVR-… stamper code or a DVD-R… stamper code? If it doesn’t have the ZD code it’s fake.
Burn a few of them and do scans! :slight_smile: