OfficeMax Friends and Family Sale - 03/16-03/17

OfficeMax is having a Friends and Family Sale 3/16/07-3/17/07.


$699.99 - Toshiba Satellite, Core 2 Duo T5200, 1GB, 160 GB, 802.11a/b/g, Vista Home Prem., DVD Burner
$579.99 - Toshiba Satellit, Dual-Core Processor T2060, 512 MB, 100 GB, 802.11 b/g, Vista Home Basic, DVD Burner
$249.99 - SAMSUNG 22" Widescreen Monitor, 1680 x 1050 resolution
$199.99 - 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor, 1680 x 1050 resolution
$129.99 - AOC 15" LCD TV, 1024 x 768 resolution
Save 10% on any regular priced furniture
Save 20% on clearance electronics
Save 25% on clearance supplies

$9.99 - 50-Pack 16x DVD+/-R Magnavox Media

Click HERE and print it out and bring it with you to the store.

This was taken from another forum, thanks to StarShackr on that forum for the original find.

Good Luck.


Your pdf appears to be MIA.

Please repost it.





I only consider clearance stuff when prices are %50 discounted.

thanks for the heads up on this, i bought me the 22 inch samsung, and oh man…this thing is awesome, came with the dvi cable and the analog one if you dont have a dvi card.

no ghosting at all in any of the games i have played thus far, and don’t expect any. games tested are rfactor SCE mod, Doom 3, unreal GOTY and UT2004

that samsung, you gotta calibrate the color or else the default color is kinda hueish

Just a note, if your OM is out of the Samsung model, then ask if they will substitute the 22" Viewsonic. I wanted 3 of them but they only had one Samsung, so they allowed me to substitute 2 more Viewsonics. They both use the same panel. The Viewsonic is a little more flashy and has built in speakers, but the buttons are not as well laid out and easy to push as the Samsung.

I am thinking about getting myself one of these 22" Widescreen LCD monitors , but I can’t decide which one should I get : Samsung or Benq .
What is the Samsung’s response time and contrast ratio ?
The Benq is 5ms with 700:1 CR

Well, it looks like the Samsung has a 5 ms response time and a contrast ratio of 700:1 as well.

Click HERE to see a compiled list of reviews for the Samsung 225BW model. Good Luck.


I’m sure if you google the Samsungs model # you’ll get all the info.
It looks like it’s Model# 225BW

Actually go here: Samsung 225BW home page.

$249.99 - SAMSUNG 22" Widescreen Monitor, 1680 x 1050 resolution
Fantastic price. I’ve seen these advertised for $350 recently.

I just picked up the samsung 22" and boy what an upgrade for me. I was still using my viewsonic 17ga monitor that i bought back in 1995. :bow:

Samsung brand of LCD monitor is pretty good and shining among others.

Any suggestions as to what to do with your link??? Just seems to be a home page with no files.

You have to wait. It’s close to the bottom left. Small type.

Thanks. Talk about an obtuse site :Z :Z . They win the award for being harder to find than the free copy of Real Player.

I would rather not to bother with this type site.