Officemax DVD's for $12

I bought some of these DVD’s that are $12 for 100 today thinking that I will probably bring them back. I burned one and it scanned with a quality of 99. The average PI errors were 5.07 with zero failures.
The MID is INFOME R20 (000).
Does anyone have similar luck with these or is this a fluke.

I’ve seen others burn these with very nice results, they seem to be good discs with some burners at least.

wow, what brand of burner is that? No PIF?

I get excellent results with these discs. But I used MCSE and swapped with other write strate’s, like ricoh R16.

If thats a BTC drive, there is a newer fw available, A89 or something (its supposed to be very good).

How fast did you burn? I bought some of these about a month ago and burning at 12x, the write quality was terrible.

What brand were they sold under? When I got mine they were unbranded at compusa 100/22$ . Is it a black friday deal only?

On their online flyer, they are branded as Starlogic.

The brand is Starlogic 100 Pack DVD+R 4x But the scan info says 4x or 8x. I only bought them because they were 12cents a piece (after rebate) but I was surprised they burned this well so I put the scans on here to see if I was dreaming or not.

I burned them at 4x on an older hp 300n (because that is as fast as they go) and scanned them on a Micro Advantage that I got for $20 bucks a few months ago. I don’t burn on the Micro Advantage because it is a piece of junk (only good for reading or burning cd’s).

I have never had PI failures even burning sonic’s.

I updated the fw for the Micro Advantage not to long ago to A080 (which is the newest I could find) and it is worse than before so I only use it for reading.

Obviously your burner is not reporting PIFs then…

How do I find out if it reports PIFs or not?

It obviously isn’t, as zero PIFs are nearly impossible with even the best media.


I think nero infotool will confirm this.

BTW, if I wanted to get 15 cent discs with a better reliability I would go for these Riteks from Newegg.

Normally you’d be right about those Ridata discs, but over the past few months those particular discs are of poor quality. RICOHJPN R02 is usually the media code, although they are sometimes Ritek R03. Everyone buying them has been finding visible defects in the dye of the discs, I bought a spindle a couple of months ago and about half the discs had visible defects in the dye, and the discs that didn’t have defects in the dye didn’t burn very good either.

BTW, I just came back from buying a 100 pack of the +Rs from my store, they are ‘Starlogic’ branded, listed as 4x media on the packaging. ‘Made in Taiwan’, SKU 20987283 , UPC 049696 600743, and the discs are Optodisc OR8, 8x rated media. I’ve used Optodisc -R in the past and it was terrible media, but I’ve used their OR8 8x +R media before and it burns great in my Benq 1640 and NEC burners.

My first burn from the Starlogic Optodisc OR8 8x discs, burned on Benq 1640. A slight rise in errors towards the edge, but otherwise one of my best burns from ANY media, let alone a 100 pack of media for $2 after rebate and coupon. :iagree: :smiley: :clap:

I am aware of the variability of the Riteks; I didn’t know the Ricoh made discs were going bad as well. That is a shame, Ricoh used to be a decent brand. :frowning:

Nice burn. It supports a suspicion I have had for a while now; even crap manufacturers can occasionally turn out a decent +R.

Yeah, the Ridata branded RICOHJPN R01 discs were great, but these R02 discs are average at best. Only a few with PIF levels approaching coasters out of 100, but none of them burn very good, even the ones without visible defects. If you read the reviews on Newegg or Amazon, you’ll see that people are having lots of problems with them. This is what happens when Ritek produces your (Ricoh) discs, about the same time that Ritek media went to crap the Ridata branded RICOHJPN media went to crap…

I’ve actually used a couple hundred of these Optodisc OR8 discs and they burn great on my burners, they are often sold under cheap ‘generic’ brands. I’m seeing this with more cheap media it seems, I think it is a matter of better drives and firmware at least as much as it is the media itself. Same thing with the Infome discs, with certain burners it burns quite well based on some scans I’ve seen, to me that says that the media sometimes gets the blame when poor burners/firmware should be to blame instead. DVD burning has come a long ways but there is still alot of room for improvement.

The major concern I would have would be how long this media holds up.
I’ve read numerous horror stories of disks with good burns going bad.
If durability is no concern then go for the cheap ones.
Otherwise IMHO stick with TY or Verbs.