OFFICEMAX BRAND Media sale till July 2

This is good stuff the
OFFICEMAX BRAND 50-Pack CD-R Spindle for $8.49
(Reg. $17.99)
thru Jul 2 #2079-2974

OFFICEMAX BRAND 50-Pack DVD-R or +R Spindle
Save $15

(Reg. Each; Reg. $29.99)
thru Jul 2


Look for the Made in India Stuff … The +R are MBIPG101R04
and the -R are Fujifilm03

Side note …these are good looking dvd’s white tops like Imation and Memorex (better looking than the Stables and other Generic media)

Some Scans

Do not get Office Max and Office Depot mixed up. It is Office Deopt that has the Maxell 50 spindle for 17.99. The +8x media are coded Maxell 002 Made in Japan. The dash(minus you have to be very careful). They have some Made in Taiwan that code to Riteck G-05, and if you look hard enough some Made in Japan that code to MXLR G03. The MXLR G03 are great media. They burn at 16x in my Nec 3520 and 3540 with stock firmware, and hacked firmware. The quality is in my opinion as good as Tys, but that is only for the real Maxell media. I bought the only 4 spindles of the MXLR-G03, at 17.99 for 50 that 72.00 for 200 discs, a real steal.

Picked a bunch up when I posted that 300 for $19.99 deal a few weeks back.

Moser Baer is very good stuff, the Fujifilm gave good scans too, just not as good as that.

Decent deal either way.

you got the real steal outofexile, I bought 500 Staples discs during their aniversary sale, $7.50 per spindle of 50, so I still have a lot of those, mostly Moser Baer. And I still have 150 of Sony Sony01D8 and ty t02 plus 400 of Verbatim, 200 of which are inkjet printable and 200 regular. What I need now are those Maxell at OD and TY if I see them. If I can get my hand on those maxell and TYs, I will ebay most of my MIT media, especially those staples brand and Verbatim.

LOL, how much did you spend on blanks? :eek:

If you are in the USA those MAXELL 8x dash are great. Make sure you get the MIJs.


Here are the $17.99 Maxells from Office Depot:
Maxell® DVD+R Media Spindle, 4.7GB, Pack Of 50
Maxell® DVD-R Media Spindle, 4.7GB, Pack Of 50

Here are the ones on sale for $14.99 from Officemax:
OFFICEMAX BRAND 50-Pack DVD-R or +R Spindle

apparantly not enough, hehe

Office Max had a brown bag in the Sunday paper with 15% off whatever you could fit in it. I got 400 DVD +rs. All of them Made in India. 5- 50 packs of OM and 3 packs of Memorex for the same price since I bought all the OM +Rs they had. :bigsmile:

What may I ask are the media codes on those + discs you bought.

They are all MBIPG101R04.

I guess that memorex is going to quit selling 8X +R. All of thier +R 8X were on a clearance for $20, mostly MIT stuff but I found a few that had MII on them, and they have worked great for me. :iagree:

Staples DVD+R 4.7GB MBIPG101R04 8x Plays on 3 DVD Players
Plays not on 0 DVD Players
Burn Reliability is Good
DVD Reliability is Good
PC Reliability is Good
Console Reliability is N/A

I just hope when Made in India 16X and DL comes out it is as good as thier 8X media.

Thanks for the head’s up and media code on these OP. I have an exceptionally picky dvd player and two friends of mine do as well. I’ve tried literally over two dozen different media to find something that does in fact work. Surprisingly the FUJIFILM03’s work on all three no matter which burner I use (1620 or 3520 or 2500).

The original FUJIFILM03’s I had were the Staples brand made in India they had going for 4.99 a 15/pk or so several months ago.

So thanks again for posting.

MBIPG101 R04

I, too, have had some of my best burns using this media (burning at 8x) on my Benq 1620 (esp. using MBIPG101 R05 write strategy). That Staples Memorial Day sale was the first introduction I had to these Made In India media. Judging from the scans, the burn quality is excellent.

But … I wonder how “good” is the media itself? Anyone have experience how it compares to the TY’s as far as data life, die quality, etc.?

Picked up a couple 50-pack spindles today. Office Max 8x DVD+R ( MBIPG101 R04 ). Have had some great results (scan wise) with this MID.

Only burned one of Office Max disc today, and I posted the scan here:

There’s an Office Max brown paper bag insert in the Sunday paper - i.e you can use that to get 15% off purchases (as much as you can fit inside the bag). The media sale has a $15 instant rebate, but the good news is the 15% discount is taken off the retail price: 15% of $29.99 = $4.50 discount! Final price for a 50 pack = $29.99 - $15.00 instant rebate - $4.50 discount (15% paper bag thing) = $10.49 / 50 pack!

I’m still looking for comments on the “quality” of the media / dye / etc. for MBIPG101 R04’s or specifically for the Office Max stuff. Anyone have experience with these?

damn, thats a nice burn

The Moser Baer India mid is usually pretty good, as the burn illustrates. clsA, thanks a bunch for sharing those burn results and mids, as it’s very hard these days to buy media with confidence (i.e., knowing the mids before you buy them).

I had to reread this thread because I hadn’t realized that the fujifilm03 were made in India. Is this a misprint/mislabel or are the fujifilm really made in India? I thought mosier bauer were the only makers in India. Is it possible they are producing the fujifilm? Anybody have any idea?

I can’t really complain; anytime you can walk out of a store with 100 good blanks and a five pack of Sharpies for $25.57 after tax you’ve got a deal. That said, the +R MBIPG101R04’s I got were ok - not great. The burns (sampled 10) were consistant and showed two PIE spikes up to about 30 in the exact same place. The Q scores were all 95 to 97. Both spindles were from the same lot.