OfficeMax Ad for 10/21

Verbatim on Sale

Thanks, I will have to browse for some older batches :wink:

How old are we looking at? Might be my only solution to finding some decent verbs b/c the neo-verbs have not been too kind.

welp, back to open/lock font again

Once again, in the 100-pack, the +R fonts are all the same. You have to look for the tall lip to find +R CMCs. With the 100-pack -Rs, the Times Roman font indicates CMCs.

…to you. :bigsmile:

Great! Don’t forget the $10 off $20 coupon too!

I bought a 100 spindle last time made in 2005. They havd 2-3 more left (2005) and I was waitning for this sale to come back. With the $10 off $20 it costs me a little over $16 per 100…incl tax…and they treat me better the the neo-verbs.

I like the TY02 much better, but at 16 cents each for the 2005 verbs they are hard to beat.

I may check the other OM to see if they have a different year…maybe 2006 is better? Funny the only 100 packs they have are all 2005…no 2006 or 2007?

where do you get the coupon?

You can find it here CLICK ME

Thanks worked like a charm

I just bought a 100 pack of Verbatim +R’s at Office Max. They are MCC 004. If these are good ones, I will buy the last pack.

I picked up a 100pk of +R Verbatims and used the coupon and 4 empty Megatoners ink cartridges and paid $3.25 OTD …

I picked up another 100 pk DVD +R Vintage 2005 with the tall lip…I am sure it is like the last one (same cake box same fonts, same high lip) which were not bad. I put them in the car and came right back with another coupon to the same clerk to buy the below…he did not care in the least.

**Question: They also have 100pk of verb cd-r for like $14.99…but they are made in india?? I got a 10oz 2 pack of compressed air for $5.99 and used the $10 off $20 coupon…so a little over $12 out the door with tax for the 100 cd-r and air.

I have not heard much about cd-r verbs made in India.

Dee said the mcc-004 DVD media in her 203b review were verb +R made in India and that looked like some great media to me??

Any one have the scoop on the MII cd-r as I do not want to open them if you guys say they are no good. I feel kind of bad with these cheap prices and then return an opened cake box if they turn out to be real bad :bigsmile:

Thanks for all the feedback

What burner you going to burn them on and what speed, I have a few I should be able to burn and scan one for you but it won’t be until Thursday :wink:

Thanks mega…I got it figured out

Nice! :bow:

Do they normally allow you to use the $3 cartridge credits combined, and combined with coupons? If so could you have got it for free by turning in more?

I got a decent scan on the first disc (-R, they were out of +R):

[QUOTE=semp;1915788]Nice! :bow:

Do they normally allow you to use the $3 cartridge credits combined, and combined with coupons? If so could you have got it for free by turning in more?[/QUOTE]

Yes, on the last sale at OM (3 wks ago) I used the coupon along with ink cartridge credits three times at the same store during the week.

No, you really can’t get it for free but close, my best deal was a 100 pk of Verbs +R’s for $1.08 OTD … at the time the Sale price was $25.99 - $10/20 - (5 ink cartridges -$3.00) = $1.08 (include state tax).