Officemax 50 pack 8x DVD+R $15 OTD

$15 for 50. These are made by Moser Baer which are very high quality discs. The burn quality is excellent.

nice find. all tho i haven’t tried them yet, others have posted good results with these dvd’s.

Does this sale start today (SAT) or tomorrow (SUN) ?

I’ve bought these Office Max dvd’s before (8x +R; MID = MBIPG101 R04 - ie. Moser Baer; Made In India, 50pk spindle). Nice writing surface (plenty of space too).

Burning @ 8x on Benq 1620:
Burn quality was excellent to ok. QS’s @ 95-99. PIF max @ 3-9. PIE max @ 5-13 (sometimes 20-50).

The burns are really inconsistent (at least, for me) with regards to PIF totals: 52-300 for good discs, 500-1400 on ok discs. PIE totals: 3,000-5000 for good discs, 8000-16,000 for ok discs.

Kind of a mixed bag, but generally good burns considering the alternatives for this price. Still well within DVD spec, and a much better alternative than going CMC media (at least imo and for my burner).

I’ve posted several times in different places asking for comments as to MBI’s longterm reliability, but no one seems to know. I hope MBI’s don’t turn into the Ritek debacle … great initial burn … then, the disc just deteriorates like mad.

For the price, it’s alright - though I’d prefer to spend $4.99 more and try to find some Sony TY 50pks. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, someone can lend some comments as to how MBI media hold up in the long run.

As these disc just come out at My OM in April it’s hard to test over the long term…

So I looked up the first disk i burned from the spindle on 4/02/05
and run probe on it again just now and i’d say their holding out pretty well

near as i can tell this was burned with the NEC 3520a Firmware 1.UA


That’s good to know. Mine are only about 1 month or so old. I’ll rescan and post in the Moser Baier media thread after waiting a few more months. Thanks.

what happened to the ritek’s?
I have alot of them


Sorry, my comments were not from personal experience (never used Ritek media), but rather from some comments I’ve seen posted.

Here’s an example:

Granted, the bad experience may not be across the board for all users and all ritek media, but it was enough to put up a red flag for me. :slight_smile:

well i just have th G04 and the printables
hope thay last
Moral of Story
Stick with TY no matter what the cost

Just picked up a 50 pack at local OM for $15. Looking forward to see what kind of results these things will do compaired to TY and CMC MAG E01.

Cool! Post some scans when you get a chance. :iagree:

I’m getting some Monday unless they are sold out!

Here’s the scans from the fresh batch i grabbed today
little shaky at the end but was burned at 12x

I wonder how they would work @ 8X only? :slight_smile: Notice how the errors start to go up @ 10X then much higher @ 12X? :iagree:

And one more …these disc really shine at 8x
burned this one on the Lite-On @ 8x

At 30c a disc, how can you pass on this deal?

PIF is a bit high on the 8x scan. I usually want below 4 with Kprobes else I get freezing on playback.

Guys, there are a lot of TY and TDK and Verbatim MCC at just over 30 cents per disc if you buy on the web. None of those have the problems seen above from MBI discs.


I’ve re-scanned some “Staples” branded MBIPG101 R04 (which were similiar in quality with the Office Max MII +R’s) in the Moser Baier +R Media thread. Burned & scanned with BENQ 1620 PRO Retail. Scan results are from Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Disc 1: Rescanned after 2 months ( Link )
6/8/05 - 98 QS: PIE @ 22 max (14,817 ttl), PIF @ 4 max (189 ttl)
8/7/05 - 97 QS: PIE @ 21 max (11,381 ttl), PIF @ 6 max (1,068 ttl)

Disc 2: Rescanned after 2 months ( Link )
6/8/05 - 98 QS: PIE @ 9 max (8,188), PIF @ 4 max (63 ttl)
8/7/05 - 96 QS: PIE @ 13 max (8,425), PIF @ 7 max (952 ttl)

Both discs were clean, and I used compressed air to blast off a few dust specs. I didn’t notice any major deformations or anything on the burning side of the discs. Everything looked fine.

Considering it’s only been 2 months … the ‘degradation’ is not all holy hell falling apart … but it makes me wonder how these discs will look like in a year.

Btw, these were stored in spindles in a dark, cool cabinet. Hardly any humidity in Seattle.

Check this out. For fun, last night I scanned a $10 (at the time) Pioneer branded “2X” DVD-R I burned a few years ago. These were considered the BEST at the time. The second half of the disk had SO many errors, the BenQ aborted the scan! Ugh. The data on it is totally wasted. Can not read it back even at 1X speed. :frowning: Sure hope TY media has some staying power over the years.


I have tried everything(even tried changing write strat) nothing seems to work. PIE is great, wish I could say the same for the PIF’s.

Either I am doing something wrong or this media is just par. Looks alot like CMC MAG E01.