OfficeMax, 16X DVD, Memorex, $18 per 50

Sorry there is no link yet. Also I have no idea what the media code is or if these are good or junk. Fairly low for 16X though.

If we’re luck, it’s MCC. If we’re not, it’s CMC or Ritek.

Price good starting Sunday, 10/23.

Never seen Memorex with MCC code. Not bad but then again 16x TY isn’t much more expensive than that. :wink:

The first 2 50 packs I bought of these when they first came out were MCC.

But with the possibility of getting crap I have stayed away.

Circuit City had these as MCC last Summer. Who knows now. Does anyone know which countries of origin are MCC and nothing else?

More like philip C16.
Verbatim 16X, if goes on sale at BB, it is around $17, for sure it is MCC, no guess game required


When compared with Taiyo Yuden at $39 for 100 plus shipping at - why take a risk?


Thanks Mike. I never noticed 16X TY had dropped so low. Now if they would just start shipping their +R. They will be putting Verbatim out of business if they keep selling their 16X at $66.

I agree with Mike, what do you have to gain? Nothing. Go with the Tys from Rima and you will assured of quality and no wasted time and money.

I got a pack last week. They burn and read fine for me (LG GSA-4120 fw115 @ 4x), but I have no way to scan. I got upc 0-34707-05639-8. I don’t have s/w to get a media code but I looked it up and it is suppose to be “CMC MAG AM3”. Can you tell what is bad about CMC? I’m mostly concerned about how long they last.

P.S. KProbe2 says CMCMAG.AM3

There is probably nothing wrong with them if they give you a good end result but for a few bucks more Rima is having a sale on TYG03 16x media 37.00 for a 100, its just my opinion mind you but I have found that it is wise to use something you know is good than take a chance on something that might be good.

CMC MAG AM3 is just one of the media code memorex uses on their 16X. They also uses philips, and mitsubishi code for their 16X. The old memorex, the 4X, mostly ricohjpn and some are cmc. But the 8X memorex went south and since then I stop touching memorex. They use optodisc for their 8X inkjet printable, which is YUK.

If you get a good memorex (ricohjpn or MCC), then consider yourself a super lottery winner

I know that Singapour is either MKM or MCC (depending on the discs). Haven’t seen anything else out of Singapour. However most MCC media is made in Taiwan now and you know what a crapshoot of manufacturers Taiwan can be. :wink:

I don’t have s/w to get a media code…
Try DVD Identifier.

You can also use any basic burn software to get the basic media ID code (ie DVD Decrypter).