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cough cough MSDN droid cough cough

cmr is a developer? is he the one that made IE so damned hard to uninstall?

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[B]New Color Palette
We’ve added 3 colors to the regular palette to offer you more options when changing your font’s appearance.

Note: This feature requires Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Encarta, Microsoft Ages of Empires, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Microsoft Bob

Poor Bob. [/B]


No MSDN subscription, although I really want one :slight_smile: $2500 is just too much for a high school student, thank you :). As far as the license, it is the retail full version license.

Bugged yet? :bigsmile:

dont use ms products for productivity anymore ;), not bugged at all. wouldnt use them at all, but i havent gotten wine to play all my games yet.

MS Office as it will correct a lot of my (bad) spelling mistakes automatically.

But I did use VI a lot when learning C on Unix (it was the only editor we were allowed to use on the course).

Sometimes at Microsoft Technical Seminars and MS Technical business seminars they give away copies of Legitimate software.
My roommate won a copy of Small Business Software from a drawing. Before he won, he and I were joking about him getting it. We also got a copy of Win Xp pro with SP1 on it.

Indeed they do do this - I got two copies of MapPoint 2002 from them in May of 2002 (Office XP launch - every attendee received a copy :D)

But nope, I don’t get my copies from M$ this way…:bigsmile: