Office X'pire P'roblem



:frowning: NO!!! DAMM!!! My Office XP Pro (w/ Frontpage) has gone in to the ill faited “reduce mode” Argh! No!! DaMM iT!!! :frowning:

I think you know what I need, can anyone of you good people help!? :confused:

For those who don’t, I NEED an ‘Activation Key’ or something that will get round it on a more perminant basis! :wink:

I really need some fast solutions, but I know this something that I’ve heard is gonna give me problems and now being so used to using Office XP, I’d prefer to stick with it rather than going back to our old freind Office 2k Premeium… Its just so so in comparison!

Am I asking too much or is everyone gonna go through this!? :mad:

Thanks for your time and help
good people of ‘the’ ever KooL Club! :cool:


What key did you use to do your original install?

The key that bypasses the product activation crap is:


however, I am not sure if this one has the “reduce” function in it. I have used this for about 1 month, and no problems (yet)

if this is the one you used, I think it is time to go back to 2000… :frowning:

bunch of micro$haft arse.



You’ll need that key + crack…
PM keys don’t post it:(


:eek: Its funny how everyone has mailed me the same serial that I used in the first place…


So I guess as you say, I gotta find a crack or really, WE ALL need to find a crack for this activation crap!

Hmm?! :confused:


I said it one time, a member just told you to PM the serial. NO SERIALS!!! Only in PM!!!


All I can say is that I am having zero problems whatsover.


Havent tried this out myself… But maybay it works.


From Tue May 01 16:04:36 2001
From: “John–R--” <>
Newsgroups: alt.2600.cracks
Subject: Re: Need a crack for Win XP Beta 2 246
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 14:04:36 -0700

Boot into safe mode and replace your winlogon version with this one.
You should have two copies on your hard drive, one in Windows\System32
and one in Windows\System32\dllcache.

While in safe mode delete idwlog.exe and ALL files that have OOB in
them. Most of those will be in the Windows\System32\oob directory.
Then go to Windows\System32\dllcache and delete any oob references
there as well.

Also remove the idwlog.exe from the startup folder. Then a few
registry hacks are necessary.

Start regedit and go to:
Look for a key called “Activation Required” and the value to 0. If the
key is not there add it as a DWORD and then set it to 0.

Now go to:
Look for Regdone and change the value to 1.

Now do a search in the registry for “LameButtonEnabled” and changed
all entries to 0. Under each entry for LameButtonEnabled you will see
one called “LameButton Text” Delete the data that is entered in those
values. Not the key, but the value.

Go to Start - Run and run this command:
regsver32.exe -u regwizc.dll

J-(thanx to Shooter)

And on this site are 2 serials


I know I have a good key that disables the product activation, can’t say where I got from, if it was spread around I would be in it deep.



so why bother mentioning it???:confused: :confused:


it was just a statement too prove there are valid s/n’s around, just gotta to know the right peeps.

No offence:cool:


I can’t help feel so disappointed in the feed back and replies on this matter!

Does anyone use Office XP with the activation removed either by key, external software or sledge hammer?

Thanks for your time once again! :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: …Destiny’s Child Live in London concert… WOW!!! :slight_smile:


PM me and I will see if the one I have is different from what you have.