Office XP



I downloaded the Office Xp CloneCD verion a couple of days ago. Now I installed it with help of Deamon Tools ,works great ,but now I want to burn it on a cd. I tried and the cd is succesfully copied , but when I put in into the cdrom of cdr it shows nothing , there’re no files in it , But it has burned ,because I can see it on the cd.
A friend told me that I’ve to select the option
“Don’t repair subchannel data” , I didn’t select that option when I tried to make this first copy , but I know that when I did select this option on other cds in the past ,the cds never worked. Always the same problem as written above with this cd.
My burner is supported with clonecd ,although it is an old burner.
My question ,do I really have to put on that option of the Subchannel data ???
And if so , what can be the reason that when I select that option the cds never worked. ???

(other options to burn this image also welcom0

Thnx , grtz


Normally the Don’t repair subchannel data option is only used with PSX games… This option requires the SubChannel Data writing of 96bytes which your burner may not support. This could be a reason why you get coasters when you enable this option.

I don’t think the option is needed for the image but I’m not sure. I think the default settings should be ok…