Office XP Help Please

I just got done downloading 3 copies of office XP from edonkey. One is a 584 meg .ISO file, the other is a 527 meg .ZIP file and the other is a 955 meg .ZIP file but the file name is ‘Office XP 3 cds ISO’. I also downloaded a crack for Office XP. My question is which one should I open and install, which is the correct file size? Why are the files different sizes? Also, what do I do with an .ISO file, how do I use that type of file? Also how do I use the crack so that I dont have to activate it? Im pretty new to this downloading software and .ISO files and crack, I normally just use copied CDs. I hope somewhere here can help me, any info will be GREATLY appreciated. My email is if anyone would like to respond that way. Thanks very much guys.

AS far as i ma aware there are only 2 cds to officexp. The first two are probably the cds separate and the third is the 2 cds combined

Office XP uses a similar Product Activation as Windows XP right? I hadn’t heard of a crack for that yet. I was expecting some sort of serial key generator.

burn the .iso files with bruning prgs like easy cd,nero,fire burner enz enz…

I think you have the “pro” edition, the third iso , is probably the clipart!!!

If you have a serial number for Office Xp, it will work. Don’t activate Office XP, you kan work without activation.