Office Max Verbatim media deals Nov 5th

The weekly store circular is now available for OM. Media deals include…

Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R Dual Layer 10 pack $14.99

Verbatim 16x DVD +/- R 50 pack spindle $12.99

Office Max 16x +/- R 100 pack spindle $19.99
( reports the -r as being MCC 03RG20. No hits for the +R.)

Various Verbatim CD-R also available on sale

thats a very nice deal on the 100 Verbatim, I think thats a all time low sale unless you get clearance deal. The plus R is more likely MCC004

The 100 pack is Officemax media, not Verbatims. Still a nice deal on the 50 pack of Verbatims.

Different flyer for my local…I have always assumed the sales were nationwide, but evidently this is not true.

When you go to their site if the ask you for your zip code then the sales are local otherwise would be considered nationwide.

pretty much nationwide except 2 states, Hawaii and Alaska, this week ad will be running as next week ad for those 2 states.

I got a 100 pack today at OM. Verbatim mcc oo4.

The ad was for 50s, what was your price on the 100s?

They are OM brand $20.

And how do they burn? Similar to Verbatim’s MCC004? And who made them, CMC?

They are CMC made Verbatim but not the best quality according to QScan and a few burns.

They are great at 8x speed. QScan says 12x but not the best burns.

If they are real Verbatim MCC 004 and made in Taiwan then shouldn’t have any problem getting very good burn @ 12X speed.

Thanks ghetocowboy, will watch for the dl media next week. :slight_smile:

Wait, what? You just said they were OM brand. :confused: It’s either Verbatim or Office Max brand, can’t be both.

Brands mean nothing. The office max branded media is manufactured by a few different companies. From what I’ve read on this site one of those companies is CMC Magnetics. The other media code is for MCC. MCC is associated with the Verbatim brand. Some MCC coded media is manufactured by CMC but to MCC’s specs. And other MCC coded media is manufactred by Prodisc to MCC’s specs.

I’m well aware of the importance of the media manufacturer, as opposed to the brand name of the media.

The reason I posted that was because he kept flipping back and forth between referring to it as Verbatim and Office Max media, and I want to know, which of the two medias is it that was manufactured by CMC? He needs to be a little more clear as to which he’s referring to: that branded as OM, or as Verbatim.

Incidentally, at OM today, I noticed that their newer 16x DVD+R media is no longer being made by MCC, as it had different spacers at the top, and the serial number on the hub of the top disc was a totally different format from that used on MCC discs.

I am heading off to OM today to see if I can find some OM 100 packs with MCC004 inside :slight_smile:

If not I will grab some Verbatim 50 packs.

They identify as verbatim in CD-DVD speed. They will burn at 12x or 16x but I dont like the Quality. They are OM brand 100 spindel. So TCAS and nesler I hope this answer your questions.

Just wondering if you usually burn MCC004, how do these compare?

Can you post us some scans?

If I find MCC004 at OM I am going to buy 2x100

edit: Do you know if these are Prodisc made or CMC?

Look here to find out how to tell the difference.

MAH, PAH, PAP followed by 16 digits=CMC

  • and - in the middle=Prodisc