Office Max Sales 7/15 - 7/21

Verbatim DVD-/+r 100 Pack $22.99
Verbatim DVD-/+r 50 Pack $14.99
Verbatim CD-R 100 Pack $14.99
Verbatim CD-R Printable 50 Pack $9.99
Verbatim CD-R Lightscribe 25 Pack $12.99

Verbatim 100 pack DVD media is a much better deal comparing to 50 pack. Make sure you know how to look for the PAPA spindle

I just came back from Office Max. They didn’t want to talk about future sales. However, the only media I saw was the old style verbatim 100pk dvd+r. It says made in Taiwan. Are those good?
I also went to Sams. I saw the same type, also made in Taiwan. Some were copyright 2005 and 2006. …all had dust on them. :slight_smile:

2005 isn’t a problem unless they’ve been sitting in the sun all this time; and dust should be on the outside only. I wouldn’t worry about either issue [if I needed any more damn discs - which I don’t :)].

Verbatim is about the best media you can find right now, in the U.S. At 23 cents a piece, it’s a great bargain.

I dunno. I still trust TY more for consistency. I have had results all over the place with the Taiwanese made Verbatim. Definitely great quality media for the price on the Verbs though.

Where to get TY from?

Thats the problem for many…Mostly online only now in many areas. :frowning:

Verbatims are just as great anyways… :wink:

That depends entirely on where in the world you are. In the US, is the preferred place to get A grade media, and and have some good deals, especialy on the value line stuff.

If you’d like me to send you some more specifics about some of the deals, and get you some additional discounts, PM me an e-mail address I can send the info to.


Maxwell Music cd-r MIJ from Walmart & Sams club.

Sony Music cd-r MIJ from BB, Sears, Target.

For DVD media, or rima. For CDR, go to Rite-Aid and look for the dark green spindle of Fujifilm, Bestbuy still have some of those. The newer Gray/metallic spindle–mostly made in Malaysia.

You are correct MBK, for me the newly packaged Verbs MCC004 MIT are better than the Yudens when burned at 12X. I am amazed at their quality, these might be first stamped discs because the face is different than the other packaged ones.:iagree:

the newer spindles, I haven’t seen in a spindle of 100, only 50. And the spindle of 50 is $14.99, still kinda pricey. For the spindle of 100, you must have to go there to look for PAPA spindle. I never let my dad buy media except sony media because with one easy instruction, look for MIJ spindle. But it is gonna tough to explain to him to look for PAPA spindle of Verbatim. So I never let him buy anything else except Sony if he can find MIJ spindles. I dont really care if it turns out to be TY or Sony media, still above average

Verbatim is on sale this week at BB $12.99/pack of 50 why you have to pay $3 more for same pack at OM?.

Office Max has the newer spindle, almost guaranteed to be PAPA spindle, very nice quality. Best Buy still have the old spindles and which gives mix quality. If Best Buy sells that price, I guess some1 could do price matching

It’s $2 more not $3. It’s amazing how the mind plays tricks on people.

In any event, you can use the BB price now, to PM at OM, and get the new packs. The UPC/Part Number is the same, so it should work.

Me, I’m going for the okey-doke on Sunday. My local OM accepts competitor coupons, so I’m using the OD $10off$25 to get at least two of the new packs for $20. If there’s a shift change (different CSRs and manager), I may be able to go back a second time and get two more. 200 Neo-Verbies for $40 would be a decent deal. Don’t try this at home, this is only for professional deal getters. :bigsmile:

I will gladly pay 2.00USD more for first stamped media. All the new packaging Verbs I have bought are PAPA and burn almost perfectly at 12X. I would rather pay 2.00 more and get something I really like.:iagree:

Price Match is an easy fix for the price differences, OM is pretty cool with pricematching

also not everyone has a Best Buy near by…i thinks it’s a 42min drive each way

My OM has the new Verb’s in a display I think I’ll try the 10 off 25 coupon too just for the hec of it

What does the PAPA spindle look like?

There is no way to tell from the outer packaging if you’re going to get PAP6 or PAPA. I wouldn’t sweat it much anyway, the PAP6 discs worked just fine, they just didn’t scan as “nicely” as some of the PAPA discs. It is possible to tell Prodisc-made verbatims from the CMC-made ones by the fonts of “LOCK” and “OPEN” and also the color of the label; with the DVD+R I’ve noticed the Prodisc-made spindles have a darker, more bluish purple color on the Verbatim labels while the CMC-made spindles have a lighter purple color.