Office Max Maddog 16X DVDrom $19

Office Max has these Maddog 16X dvd rom’s on clearance for $19 but I do not know what the mfgs name and model are. I found this on Cdrlabs.


I called thier tech support this morning asking and that was a giant waste of time (plus a 30 minute hold time). He basically told me that they make all their drives and use chipsets from several diffrent manufactures. he said this was true of thier burners even after I explained to him about mine being an nec 3500 and he didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. I wonder if I would have a beter chance by email? Anybody know what these are?
Fyi it took some hunting around but I found the box for my old one (bought a couple of years ago). I have had three dvd-roms (or maybe it was two since I cannot find the third and I never throw stuff like that away). I matched up the serial number on the box to figure out which drive was the mad dog. It is an ultima electroonics dhm-g48. They have probably changed to diffrent drives though (like I said, it was a couple of years ago that I bought this one). This drive was also known as an artec.

i think artec sounds about right. that is what the maddog combo drive is.

Mine has worked fine for a couple of years though it has been acting fishy latlly (seems to have a harder time reading some disks). I’m not sure if the drive is going or if it was just the disks (my burners didn’t have a problems reading them). Maybe the lens got dirty?
It’s pretty slow too (about 5x ripping with dual layer pressed). I’m not sure if thier is any hacked firmware to increase read speed but I havent found any.

next rom i get will be that screaming fast aopen. it is only $24 i think

Yea the 1608 is a pretty sweet drive. I wish you could get them locally for that price. If I buy another rom I’ll probably get one of them from newegg.