Office Max Imation +r 25 Pack $4 No Rebate



I just returned from my local office max and they had 25 packs of imation +r discs for $4. 2 different spindles are as follows.

Media code/Manufacturer ID MBIPG101R04
Media Product Revision Number 01h

Media code/Manufacturer ID RICOHJPNR02
Media Product Revision Number 03h

I have never used either of these discs and i was wondering if one was better than the other. I have a benq 1650 and 1655 that i use to burn. This seems like a pretty good deal if they are any good.


Good Find

You have both in your hand now, why not give it a spin to see it for yourself. I say it is gonna be a close call since both to me are equally good.


my benQs LOVE the MBI imation discs! in fact i hope that this sale is the same as my office max as well.

i’ll do a scan a little later if you want, but they burn just as good as TY in my burners :slight_smile:


here is what i got when i did a test…


that’s typical o the types of burns i get with the MBI media. ive never used ricoh, but based on those scans, i’d go with the MBI discs.

the MBI 16x is on sale this week in the 100packs, but i don’t know what MID they are or anything


these were not with all of the other dvds, they were in one of those free standing displays and had several types of media on them and these were marked $4.99 but i was only charged $4 per 25 pack.


if you get that on your Moser Baer disc, then I am sure Ricoh has a big cushion in beating that. I have seen RicohJPNR02 burnt near perfect. I only had RicohJPNR01 and R03. I never had R02. But I have seen BenQ drive in action on the R02 and the quality is near perfect. Nevertheless, for that price, both are good.


My burners love those MBI discs. Now if we could get deals like that here in the UK, I’d be laughing :slight_smile:


the play is/was at staples. this is a ymmv. was posted on the wallet bout 6 days ago. staples is clearing out the imation 8x dvd +r’s for $9.50 for the 100 pc cake box(plus your ink coupon). i checked 3 in my area and came up lame. my bro-in-law had 2 100 pcs at his. the 8x +r are made in india. staples is also blowing out the 16x verbatim 25 pc cake box. think it was something like 4 bucks for that one.