Office Max Coupon



This code came in an email. Online only, computers excluded along with a few other things. $30 off $150 purchase.

I have no idea if this will work more than once; I will not be using it so good luck. Anyone who heeds a LOT of MCC Verbatim will get a real deal.



all OM online coupons are otu (one time use).

all OM phone coupons are multiple use.

go here to see a list of all current OM coupons.


Thanks for the clarification. Maybe one person can still make use of it.


I just used the code (at least I think I did - their website is pretty funky). 11 x 50 == 550 discs for $145.90 delivered, 26.53 cents each if it works.

Thanks to chas0039.


Glad you got the benefit. I hate to let things go to waste.


just takes care of tax and shipping, only worth it online really


??? There is no charge for shipping. And you ALWAYS pay sales tax when dealing with Office Max, just like Best Buy and Circuit City and all other local merchants. These good deals for Verbatim MCC004 and Taiyo Yuden T02 media are always at local merchants, and you are always going to pay sales tax. And even so, the coupon was good for $30 and the total sales tax and non-existent shipping charges was $11.12.