Office Max cd/rw complaint

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but here it is. I purchased a cd/rw drive online from Office Max. No complaints about delivery(there in three days). The reason I ordered this particular drive was the rebates. There was a $10.00 rebate from Office Max, and a $30.00 rebate from Cendyne. I sent in the originals to Cendyne as requested, and Office Max got a copy. After a month I called to see where my rebates were. Cendyne sent a e-mail and said that this particular rw drive did not qualify. If I was unhappy, then take it up with Office Max. I did this on the phone. The customer service girl found my purchase and said she saw nothing wrong, and she would contact Cendyne. Huh! The next day I recieved an e-mail from Office Max customer service that requested all the originals(bar code, packing/sales slip, etc.) which I had already sent to Cendyne to get my $30.00 back. They know that Cendyne will only accept originals, and Office Max always takes copies. It is great that they can advertise these rebates, then tell a person that they must go through the whole shebang again just to get their lousy $40.00. She said that Office Max would handle the rebates for the entire amount, but only with original copies of the paperwork. I explained to her that I had sent the originals to Cendyne and I did not think they would hunt them up for me. Has anyone had a similar experience? Can anyone think of something to do in my case? Thanks!!!

I’d advise you to contact this forum instead > [COLOR=purple]
The guys there are real experts in this field.

Or you can PM lagger, who can be traced @ [/COLOR] Bargain Basement